Indiana Swimming
Level 1

Fish Aquatics offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Fish to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of Their abilities.

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Training Group Descriptions
Senior Elite: Athletes who have a minimum of Speedo Sectional cuts as well as meeting the training requirements of the group.
Sr Group: Sr. Group group contains all high school swimmers with the possible exception of brand new swimmers. This group is broken down into high school and Sr. group for billing purposes.
Requirements for Sr. Group:
  • Understand how to read a pace clock very well
  • Understand training procedures and how to read workouts
  • Have 85% or better attendance in the Gold group
  • Second semester 8th grade and have Sr. Coaches approval  

High School In Shape: High School in Shape group contains NEW FISH swimmers who have completed at least one season on the High School Team. Members cannot be a previous member of FISH (unless enrolling in  this group for a second, third year). These swimmers will be considered "seasonal" swimmers. ALL High School in Shape members must register with USA Swimming and pay any other associated fees. Members will be limited to 3-4 practices a week.

Gold Elite: Gold group members who are serious about training and would like to practice more often can apply for this group. Elite members will train with seniors some mornings and weekends. Requirements to train with Gold Elite include:

  • Meet all Gold group requirements
  • Great work ethic 
  • Good practice and meet attendance 
  • Head coach approval
  • Possess at least one senior state cut

Gold group: Gold is the highest Age Group training group, it usually contains 11-14 year olds, which should be at the state cut level. Training for gold group will require a snorkel, tennis shoes, and running clothes. Tempo trainers are suggested but not mandatory. Gold group swimmers will be required to make goals at the beginning of each season. The coach will lead this and the swimmers may have to do a little of work at home. This is for the benefit of the swimmer and they should maintain a folder or binder if they are interested in higher training. Requirements to train with gold group are the following along with coaches digression:

  • Have 85% or better attendance in the red group
  • Understand training procedures and how to read workouts
  • Be a good role model and understand the concept of a team
  • Be self-driven and motivated to improve
Red group: Red group is our upper level of age group swimming and these athletes should be at or above the divisional level. Endurance and aerobic based training will be increased in preparation for gold group. Racing will still be a focus in practice as preparation for meets. There is still a focus on refining skills and technique mixed in with training, but a little less than white. There will still be a large focus on kicking and kick speed. Swimmers will be introduced to IM and distance training as the base events and will not train “specialized events” at this early age. Swimming in this group will require a snorkel, tennis shoes, and running clothes.  Red group swimmers will be required to make goals at the beginning of each season. The coach will lead this and the swimmers may have to do a little of work at home. This is for the benefit of the swimmer and they should maintain a folder or binder if they are interested in higher training Requirements to train with red group:
  •  Have a solid knowledge of a pace clock
  • Maturity level appropriate
  • Have 75% or better attendance in white group
  • Have competed in at least one Divisional meet, or coaches discretion after age 
White group: White group is the second level of club training. This is for intermediate swimmers who have all four legal strokes and have a good knowledge of starts and turns.The focus of white group is to increase the amount of time the swimmers are in the water and add aerobic training and increase racing. The majority of time will still be spent on technique, kicking and racing. These swimmers should be aware of the Divisional meet and start working on cuts. As the swimmers begin to get ready to train at red group level, expectations for attendance will increase. 
In order to move to white group:
  • legally swim a 100 of each stroke and coaches digression
  • swim 10x50 with flip turns on 1:20
  • have 65% or better attendance in yellow group
  • have attended at least 2 swim meets, unless new to the team
  • be able to do starts correctly
  • have legal turns
Yellow group: Yellow group is the introductory level of the club. Swimmers must be able to swim a 50 of each stroke legally. The main focus of this group will be to teach these swimmers legal strokes, how to kick efficiently, starts and turns and fun. Swimmers will be introduced to the pace clock, interval training and racing. Swimmers will progress at different rates and will move up to white as they are ready for increased training.
Requirements for yellow group:
  • legally swim a 50 of each stroke without stopping
  • have 55% or better attendance in green group
  • be certified in starts
  • can kick a 100 on a board without stopping in all four strokes
Green Group: Green group is the Developmental group of FISH. These swimmers can make a length of the pool free and back but do not have a command of butterfly and breaststroke. The focus of this group is to teach these swimmers correct freestyle and backstroke and beginning breaststroke and butterfly. They will spend 90% of the time on technique and kicking. Once swimmers can swim at least a 50 of each stroke legally, at the coaches digression, they can move to yellow group.
Notes about moving groups:
With the exception of the first few weeks after tryout, or the first few weeks after a new swimmer joins, we will only move swimmers up between seasons. There may be rare case by case exceptions, but we believe it is better for a swimmer to learn a coach’s verbage and expectations with the group rather than be thrown in a different group mid-season and feel lost or unsure of what is expected. 
We also understand that there are some athletes on the team mostly for exercises purposes. While they will generally attend fewer practices, they will move up eventually as they, the coach and parents deem they are ready. They will still be asked to attend one meet a season.