Blue (11 - 14): Introductory


Blue is the introductory level of FISH for those athletes ages 11-14. This group is for athletes that are interested in competitive swimming and/or looking to prepare for High School Swimming. For swimmers to qualify for this group they must demonstrate basic proficiency in the water and be capable of completing multiple lengths of the pool, consecutively or with short rest at the wall. This group aims to familiarize swimmers and their parents with the sport of competitive swimming and with FISH as an organization. Swimmers in this group will learn skills such as the streamline, flip turn, and forward start, as well as proficiency in all four strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle). This group aims to teach its members how to have fun with the sport of swimming as well as be a positive, coachable member of the team. Athletes will also be introduced to the competitive side of swimming.  Practices are offered in 75 minute sessions, four days per week. Individual progression may vary, but swimmers looking to improve their strokes and move to the next group level are encouraged to attend practice and meets as regularly as possible.


  • Complete 50 yds Freestyle (Front Crawl) and 50 yds Backstroke unassisted (continuously or with rest at 25 yards)



  • Practice Attendance   - Encouraged
  • Meet Attendance        - Encouraged


Equipment Required:

  • Water Bottle
  • Kick Board
  • Snorkel




  • Comfortable swimming 200 yards without strain
  • Able to legally swim all 4 strokes for a minimum of 50 yards
  • Become comfortable and proficient in freestyle and backstroke flip turns
  • Learn to do a backstroke start
  • Learn the mechanics of an effective open turn
  • Learn to read the clock and track basic intervals
  • Find interest in progress and self-improvement
  • Increase awareness of competition



  • 4 times per week, 1.25 hours each session