List of Required Equipment



  Youth 2 Youth 1 Junior 2 Junior 1 Senior
Water Bottle Required Required Required Required Required
Kickboard Required Required Required Required Required
Snorkel Required Required Required Required Required
Fins X Required Required Required Required
Pull Buoy X X Required Required Required
Paddles X X Optional Required Required
Tempo Trainer X X X Optional Required


It is recommended that the swimmers maintain an equipment bag(Mesh bag) in addition to their normal swim bag. This bag can be kept pool side during workouts and get wet while allowing the swimmers to have their equipment readily at hand. 

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The Coaching Staff has selected several options for each piece of equipment that is required and placed them in one convenient place through our team store on Remember when you shop through our link, FISH gets a percentage of the sales! Please remember we are an Arena sponsored team. We realize that some athletes may prefer other brands and purchasing Arena equipment is not a requirement. We partner with Arena because they offer high quality, durable products

Water Bottle: Any water bottle can be used at practice, but it is highly recommended that the athletes use a squirt water bottle so that they can quickly get a drink of water/sports drink in between repetitions during their sets. 

Kickboard: Any kickboard can be used.

Snorkel: Snorkels are one of the most essential pieces of swimming equipment in a competitive swimmer's equipment bag. These are crucial in developing proper head position. Swimmer snorkels differ from traditional snorkels as they are front mounted(come up over the forehead) instead of side mounted snorkels(come up over the side of the head). 

Fins: The FISH coaching staff highly recommends that the athletes use short fins in their training. There are numerous benefits to using these as opposed to long fins. Any type of short fin is acceptable for use. 

Pull Buoy: Any pull buoy will work for practice. Various styles and colors exist for the athletes to choose from. 

Paddles: Athletes in the Gold and HS In-Shape should discuss with their coach before purchasing paddles as they are optional in those levels. The coaching staff can assist athletes with setting up their paddles when they are purchased and can answer any questions about what size or type of paddle is best for each specific athlete. 

Tempo Trainers: Tempo trainers are incredibly useful tools for our upper groups to aid in pacing during training. The Tempo Trainer Pro is made by FINIS.