Junior 2 (11-14): Intermediate Competitive


            Junior 2 is the intermediate competitive age group level of FISH. This group is designed for swimmers who have shown themselves as competitive, dedicated, and well-rounded. To qualify, athletes should be striving for a Divisional time standard and be eligible for USA Swimming’s IM Ready program. Swimmers are also expected to be capable of dolphin kicking 10m underwater from rest in any position (front, back, side). In this group swimmers will begin to train speed and endurance while maintaining proper and efficient technique. Although drilling and technical instruction are not a primary focus of this group, proper execution of technical details in all strokes remains a top priority. A balanced approach to training will be used to improve both speed and endurance to produce well-rounded athletes.   Members of this group are required to maintain an attendance minimum of two practices per week due to the structure of the group and its standards of quality and intensity but are expected to be at three of the four practices a week. In addition, swimmers will be required to attend at least two meets over the course of the season and are encouraged to participate in all relevant championship meets.



  • State OR Multi Stroke Divisional Qualified
  • IMR Eligible
  • Capable of 10m UW


  • Practice Attendance   - 50% (2/4 or 50%)
  • Meet Attendance        - 2 per season


  • Practice Attendance   - 75% (3/4)
  • Meet Attendance        - Reccomended

Equipment Require:  

  • Water Bottle
  • Kick Board
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Pull Buoy
  • Paddles (Optional)


  • Improve speed and aerobic capacity
  • Learn the IM crossover turn
  • Learn more complex drills and techniques
  • Learn the skills necessary to work toward and achieve long term goals
  • Strive for further Divisional and Age Group State qualification


  • 4 times per week, varying durations