Youth 1 (10 & Under): Elementary Competitive


Youth 1 is the first group at FISH with a competition attendance expectation. To enter this group swimmers must be capable of swimming 200 yards without strain and be able to legally swim all 4 strokes for a minimum of 50 yards. Additional expectations of new members to this group are the ability to consistently execute freestyle and backstroke flip turns, a basic understanding of an efficient open turn, and the ability to read a pace clock and track simple intervals. At this level, there is a heavy emphasis on low-strain drill work, and swimmers begin to become familiar with the process of individual goal-setting. This group aims to continue technical stroke development of its athletes and begin to teach swimmers to train and compete. Swimmers will be encouraged to pursue qualification for Divisionals and seek improvement in all strokes. As with all levels of FISH, practice attendance is optional, but, at this level and beyond, swimmers are expected to begin to show heightened interest in and dedication to the sport of swimming. Swimmers are also expected to attend at least one meet per season to potentially qualify them for meets such as the Divisional and Age Group State Championships.



  • Complete 200 yds nonstop
  • Four strokes legal
  • Consistent free and back flip turns
  • Capable of efficient open turn
  • Capable of tracking intervals


  • Practice Attendance   - 50% (2/4)
  • Meet Attendance        - Expected: at least 1 Per Season

Equipment Required:

  • Water Bottle
  • Kick Board
  • Snorkel
  • Fins


  • Improve technical aspects of all four strokes
  • Develop efficient turns and underwater dolphin kicks
  • Learn to read and execute written sets
  • Find interest in competition and setting personal, tangible goals
  • Strive for Divisional qualification


  • 4 times per week, varying duration