Indiana Swimming

REQUIREMENTS: Senior State Level cut times, Process and Goal oriented 

EQUIPMENT: Short Fins, kick board, paddles, pull-buoy, snorkel

PRACTICE SESSIONS/WEEK: Up to 7 days/week, 20-25 hours including swimming, dryland, mental/emotional competitive development, and weights

This is the highest level competitive group in STARS. Recommended for swimmers aged 15 and over (HS, college, post grad) who wish to compete in Sectional, National, and potentially International competitions. We also work to qualify as many swimmers as possible for Academic honors and pointing towards swimming in college. This group is high intensity, highly technical, and focused on the three main areas of improvement in swimming: Technique, Strength/Power, and Conditioning. Workouts are offered up to seven days/week and practices are individually tailored for personalized success. 

High Performance Schedule