Indiana Swimming

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Usually 15 and older, with the ability to perform a 400 IM and the willingness to work hard to be successful.

EQUIPMENT: Fins, kick board, paddles (Strokemaker size 1 or 2), pull-buoy, and snorkel

PRACTICE SESSIONS/WEEK: Training is offered up to 6 days per week, some mornings plus dry land/weights.

The Senior Group consists of 15 and older swimmers who have chosen swimming as their dedicated sport. Technique continues to be refined to a high level and the goal is to compete at the USA state and sectional level and at the HS conference and sectional/state level during high school season. Conditioning is emphasized, with a heavy emphasis on the hard work needed to develop into a superior athlete. Dryland training and weight training are introduced and developed. Mental/emotional aspects of higher performance are introduced. 

Senior Schedule