Indiana Swimming
SUPERSTARS - LEVEL 1 (Fourth Level Training Group)
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Can complete a 50 yard freestyle and commitment to learning the sport of swimming


EQUIPMENT: Kick board, swim fins and pull buoy


PRACTICE SESSIONS/WEEK: 90-120 minute sessions, offered five to six days per week
Superstars - Level 1 (13/14 yr olds) is geared for those continuing to refind sound basic swimming fundamentals and racing strategies or those who are looking to start in competitive swimming. This groups develops swimmers in the sport of competitive swimming through the following: 
Fourth Level Training Group
● Heavy emphasis on stroke technique for all four swimming strokes.
● Development of swimming endurance and fitness, culminating in ability to swim the 500 free and 200 IM.
Race strategies and goal setting with process oriented structure.
● Development of 13-14 Divisional qualifying times.
● Swimming specific dryland exercises that incorporate body strength, balance, stretching, and coordination.
● Develop experienced swimmers interested in a more focused commitment to swimming as their sport.
● Swimmers work toward execution of the following test sets in order to transition into the next appropriate successive STARS group.​
   10 x 100 Swim @ 1:30
   8 x 100 Kick @ 2:00
   100 yards/meters in each of the four competitive strokes in competition
   200 IM and 500 free in competition
Swimmers that master the above and meet the requirements of the Superstar - Level 2 training group can transition to the Superstar - Level 2 group. Swimmers who enter high school transition t o the next successive STARS training level. At this point swimmers will be ready for the High School or Senior training group. Coaches will work individually with each swimmer to determine their best fit at the appropriate time.

Superstars - Level 1 Events