Indiana Swimming
SUPERSTARS - LEVEL 2 (Second Advanced Level Training Group)
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 13-14 years old, commitment to meet practice attendance requirements and the willingness to work hard to achieve goals.
To be considered for the Level 2 group, a swimmer in the Superstars - Level 1 group needs to: 
1. Average four (4) practices per week over the previous month
2. Achieve one (1) of the following:
a. Successfully complete the two following test sets: 
10 x 100 Swim on 1:30 
8 x 100 Kick on 2:00
b. Earn 5 points using the following metrics based on the  USA Motivational Times Standards for 13-14 year olds through any combination of events.
BB time standards = 1 point
A time standards = 2 points
AA time standards = 3 points
AAA time standards = 4 points
AAAA time standards = 5 points
*Swimmers will have the opportunity to complete the Test Sets each month.
EQUIPMENT: Kick board, fins, pull buoy, paddles, and a competitive snorkel.
PRACTICE SESSIONS/WEEK: 6 sessions per week (Monday - Saturday), lasting between 2 and 2.5 hours each are offered. Swimmers should attend as many practices as possible. Dryland training is included.
The Superstars - Level 2 group is for experienced, advanced swimmers between the ages of 13 and 14 who are interested in developing into successful senior and high performance swimmers in the near future. This group will have an increased workload and performance expectations. Higher level stroke instruction, the mental game, and dry land training are increased.                                                
  • Advanced dryland exercises that incorporate body strength, balance, stretching, and coordination
  • Development of 13-14 Indiana Swimming State, Central Zone, and Speedo Sectional qualifying times with strong focus on technique.
  • High level of training intensity (both mentally and athletically), focusing on the development of well-rounded swimmers.
  • Detailed race-specific plans and strategies.
  • Advanced goal setting with process oriented structure.
  • "Swimmer” mentality and an increased understanding of stroke technique, mental training, training periodization, and swimming physiology.
  • Create experienced swimmers interested in making swimming their primary sport.
  • Swimmers work toward execution of the following test sets in order to transition into the next appropriate successive STARS group.​
        10 x 100 Swim @ 1:15
        10 x 100 Kick @ 1:40
        Compete in all events offered including 1,650 free and 400 IM

Upcoming Superstars - Level 2 Events