Registration for SPRING/SUMMER is HERE!

As you complete the registration process, you will notice the following documents referred to as they contain useful and important information.  Understanding the content of these documents will ensure a successful and productive season for your athlete and your experience as a family.  Please refer to these documents as necessary throughout the season. 

MSC Welcome Letter

New Swimmers!  TBD NEW Swimmer tryouts!  Instructions for Registration

Instructions for Registration for Returning Swimmers

MSC Agreement / Fees

Participation Policy

Fundraising is not REQUIRED for Members during Spring/Summer

Coaches PACKET & Code of CONDUCT


Locker Room Utilization Policy

Parent Drop Off and Locker Room Responsibilities

Birth Certificate Proposal (all new swimmers are required to provide copy)

Electronic Communication and Photographic Policy

AUTO-PAY Policy & Set-Up Instructions

MSC Sponsorship Program Solicitation


USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

USA Swimming Transfer Form (ONLY for those who swam for another club/team previously - Print, Fill Out, Sign & Bring to Evaluation)