Returning Families:  Please note - As the current season's documents are completed and uploaded, they will be date stamped in RED.

Swimmer Safety:

MSC Code of Conduct (Please read) Updated 08-16-16

Silver and Gold Group Swimmer Agreement (Silver/Gold Level ONLY) Updated 08-15-16

Anti Bullying Policy (Please read) Updated 08-03-16

Locker Room Utilization Policy (Please read) Updated 08-03-16

Electronic Communication Policy  (Please read) Updated 08-03-16

Parent Drop Off and Locker Room Responsibilities (Please read) Updated 08-03-16

Returning Swimmer Forms and Information:

Instructions for Online Registration  (Please Read) (There will NOT be an in-person registration for returning members) Updated 08-15-16

USA Swimming Registration Form - One per swimmer (Please read, fees billed at time of registration) Updated 08-15-16


Auto Pay Policy (Set Up Instructions) (Required please read) Updated 08-11-16

MSC 2016-17 Fall/Winter Agreement/Fees (Please read) Updated 08-16-16

MSC Participation Policy -  2016-17 Fall/Winter (Please read) Updated 08-16-16

MSC Fundraising Policy - 2016-17 Fall/Winter (Please read) Updated 08-15-16

MSC Sponsorship Program Solicitation - (Use at your discretion) Updated 08-15-16

General Information/Coach Expectations:

Instructions for Online Registration (RETURNING SWIMMERS) will register on-line and will not be required to sign-up in person. Updated 08-15-16

Stroke Description  (Information Only) Updated 08-15-16

Coaches Packet 2016-17 Fall/Winter  (Please read) Updated 08-15-16

Meet Schedule Updated 08-15-16

Meet Descriptions to Assist Decision to Commit Swimmer Updated 09-17-2015