- Arrive on time
- Pay attention when a coach is talking
- Ask questions if you do not understand something
- Follow all facility rules
- Do the best you can
- Set a good example for your teammates
Does my child have to attend every practice?
No, and there will not be a punishment for any practices that are missed. However, your swimmer will get out what they put in.
Do I have to stay and watch during practice?
No, but you are more than welcome to watch from the bleachers upstairs. 
How do I move into a higher practice group (i.e. from Guppy to V or from V to T, etc.)
Usually the coach of the group will know that a swimmer in their group may be ready to advance into a higher workout group. That coach will ask the coach of the next group to test that swimmer. If a swimmer or their parent feels they might be ready for the next group they can ask the coach of their group to see if they meet the requirements.
If I can't make a practice, can I change a practice time or practice group?
In general, the answer is no. Swimmers are placed in groups according to certain written standards for each specific group.  Those standards reflect a swimmers technique and aerobic capacities. This allows coaches to plan practices for the specific needs of that level of swimmer. Coaches have option of granting temporary exceptions with all practice groups, but it has to be reasonable for the swimmer to achieve some benefit out of that practice and not interfere with the purpose of the practice.
- Arrive 15 minutes before projected warm-up time
- Do not bring or eat junk food of any time
- Sit with the team 
- Cheer for your team
- All electronic devices must be put away
- You must talk to a coach before scratching an event
- Talk to your coach before and after every event you swim
- Follow all facility rules
- Do the best you can
- Lead by example
- Have good sportsmanship
Does my child have to participate in swim meets?
There are a few required swim meets (home meets and the Conference meet) throughout the season. Other meets are optional. Your child does not have to swim in every session of every meet they enter. 
How do I know what my child will swim at a meet?
Once you register your child for a meet, your child's coach will select the events they will swim. Please let your coach know if you have a limit to the number of events you want your child to swim due to cost. Swimmers will automatically be declared to swim all home meets and the Conference meet.
I registered my swimmer for a meet but now they cannot attend. What do I do?
Please contact a coach immediately. Every meet has a due date for entries to be submitted to the host team. If you have to cancel after the entry due date, you are still responsible for the meet fees. 
Are swim meets free?
There is a fee per event, per swimmer for swim meets. Some meets also charge a surcharge per swimmer. Meet fee information can be found in the meet letter.
What does my child need to bring to the swim meet?
They need to bring their team cap, team suit, goggles, towel(s), healthy snacks, water, and a marker to write their events down. 
When should we arrive at the meet?
You should arrive no later than 15 minutes before projected warm-up time. This allows your swimmer plenty of time to get ready, stretch, and ease their nerves before the meet. 
What should we do once we are at the meet?
Swimmers should report to the pool deck and find their coach. Parents are not allowed on deck unless they are volunteering to work the swim meet. Some meets do reqiure their swimmers to sign-in before walking on deck. Be on the lookout for any tables near the front of the pool deck/entrance for possible check-ins. 
Where can I find information about my child's event at a swim meet?
You can look at the heat sheet which is usually available for purchase at the beginning of each session. The On Deck and Meet Mobile apps will also have meet event information.  
When can my swimmer leave the meet?
Once your child is done swimming for the day or session, they are allowed to leave. However, we encourage each swimmer to stay and cheer on their teammates. Before leaving, please tell a coach as your child may be entered in a relay.
What kind of snacks should I be packing for swim meets?
Your child should have fruits, veggies, crackers, water, and anything with protein. Please do not pack candy or junk food of any kind. This can and will affect their performance. 
How do I order team suits?
Our team suit is a black Speedo with the MTV logo. A team suit is required for all meets. Tech suits are only to be worn at Championship meets unless otherwise authorized by a coach. Please contact Coach Jessica for ordering information. 
Does my swimmer need any equipment?
All swimmers will need their own goggles and swim cap. In addition, we recommend Guppy and V Team members have short fins, kick board, and a pull buoy. We recommend T Team and M Team members have the above equipment in addition to paddles. See your child's coach for any questions regarding equipment. MTV Swim Team does have some equipment for swimmers to use if they do not own their own.
If I have a question, how do I contact my child's coach?
All coaches have an e-mail contact listed on the website under the “Coaches” tab. This is located on the second row of tabs.
You are also welcome to talk to the coaches after or before practices. But please do not talk with the coach during practice.

If I have a question, how do I contact my child's coach?
All coaches have an e-mail contact listed on the website under the “Coaches” tab. This is located on the second row of tabs. You are also welcome to talk to the coaches after or before practices. But please do not talk with the coach during practice.
Can we do private lessons?
Of course! You can contact Coach Kaiti for more information.
When are monthly fees due?
Monthly fees are due on the first of each month. 
Do I still need a USA Swimming membership fee if my child won't be competing in meets?
Yes, all team members are required to become a member regardless of their meet participation.
Can my child keep their equipment at the pool?
We have a closet they can store their equipment in. However, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
How do I know if my child made divisionals or state?
You can compare their times to the divisional/state cut times. You can find this here:
How can I help the team?
You can volunteer to work a meet, become a sponsor, or donate snacks/water to the team. 
Who can I talk to if I have more questions or concerns? 
You can contact Coach Kaiti at (812)675-3265 or at [email protected] 
What is the difference between the MTV Swim Team (Club) and the Mt. Vernon High School Swim Team?
Sometimes it is confusing for high school swimmers and parents to understand the differences between the two swimming teams that practice at the Mt. Vernon Junior High pool. They use the same facility, equipment and even have the same coaches. But there is a difference. The Mt. Vernon Swim Team (MTV) and the Mt. Vernon High School Swim Team (MVHS) are separate entities, both as organizations, governance and in finances. 
The MVHS Swim Team is a school sponsored athletic team, under the policies and rules of the Metropolitan School District of Mt. Vernon (MSDMV) and the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA). While the MTV Swim Team (MTV) is not school affiliated, it is run by a board of directors as a not profit organization and under the structure of Indiana Swimming and USA Swimming.
In simple terms MVHS swim team is the high school team. MTV Swim Team is a club team. Swimmers on MTV Swim Team do not have to attend Mt. Vernon High School, while members of the MVHS swim team must attend Mt. Vernon High School. MVHS swimmers can swim in high school meets and two MTV Swim Team meets during the high school season from November through February. Members of the MTV Swim Team who do not attend MVHS High School cannot participate in MVHS meets.  
The MTV Swim Team operates under set of By-Laws approved by Indiana Swimming. Those By-Laws are available on the MTV Swimming website. There are eight elected positions and one permanent position on the MTV Swim Team Board of Directors. MTV is a legal "not for profit" organization listed with the IRS. All BOD positions are not paid and do not have any fee discount. Fees are charged on a per season basis to have training privileges with the MTV Swim Team. Team members also participate in meets sanctioned by Indiana Swimming and other USA Swimming swim clubs.