MTV Swim Team will strive to keep every practice as scheduled during inclement weather. Sometimes events outside of the team's control will lead to practices being canceled. MTV Swim Team uses the MVJHS pool for practices and therefore must abide by the pool usage policies of the MSD of Mt Vernon. In general, the steps listed below will be followed when determining when to cancel a team practice. Please keep in mind that in order to hold practice, we must have adequate coaching AND lifeguard staff.

  • In the event that MSD of Mt. Vernon cancels classes or dismisses early due to weather or any other unscheduled circumstance, the school district will inform the MTV Swim Team Board as to the time period that day (if any) that the pool will be available for MTV Swim Team use.
    • If adequate coaching AND lifeguard staff can be present during the time made available for MTV Swim Team, the team will practice. Parents will be notified of updated practice times as soon as they are known via email and text message.
    • Please keep in mind that coaches and lifeguards may or may not be able to get to the pool in inclement weather. "Good roads" near the pool do not mean "good roads" near staff housing and vice versa.
    • If practice is held on a day MSD of Mt. Vernon has canceled classes, individual families must make the determination if the risk of driving in inclement weather is worth the benefit of attending practice.
  • MTV Swim Team will NOT hold practices during school hours on virtual learning days, whether they be scheduled or unscheduled virtual learning days.
  • In the event of lightening within a 30 mile radius of the pool, swimmers will have to exit the pool and must remain out of the water for 30 minutes after the final lightening strike.
    • Depending on timing of the lightening and the threat for severe weather, coaches may choose to hold a dry land workout or other team activity during the swimming stoppage.
  • Ultimately the MTV Swim Team Board and/or coaches may make a determination that practice should be canceled due to inclement weather even if the pool is available. In the event this occurs, the decision is final. Please understand that while the goal is to have as few cancellations as possible, the safety of our swimmers and staff is our priority.