Our NACS Team was well represented at the 2012 Long Course Central Zone Age Group Zone Meet in Columbus, IN.   Qualifying, swimming and representing TEAM INDIANA were: (10-Under Girls) Mya VanderHagen, Mallory Jackson, (10-Under Boys) Tristan DeWitt, (13-14 Girls) Lauren Blanchard, MyKenzie Kostka, Courtney Kresl, (13-14 Boys) Paul Cater, Will Schrensky and Jackson Kent.   TEAM INDIANA was vistorius!   There were teams from Ohio, Ozrak Swimming, Missouri Swimming, Midwestern Swimming, Arkansas Swimming, Lake Erie Swimming and Oklahoma Swimming.

Mya VanderHagen: 6th in 50fly, 7th in 200Free & Medley Relays and15th in 100back/100fly,

Mallory Jackson: 2nd in 200Medley Relay, 4th in 100free/200free/200IM/200free relay, 12th in 50free/100back

Tristan DeWitt: 3rd in 200free relay, 5th in 100breast, 6th in 50breast, 9th in 200IM, 14th in 50free, 16th in 50back

Jackson Kent: 9th in 200free, 11th in 100breast

Will Schrensky:  2nd in 200breast/200Medley Relay/400Medley Relay, 5th in 100breast

Courtney Kresl: 2nd in 200free relay, 3rd in 400Medley Relay, 5th in 200Medley Relay, 6th in 50free, 15th in 100fly