NACS did an awesome job at this past weekend's Indiana Age Group State Championship Meet in Indianapolis.   Competing for NACS were: 10&Under Girls: Grace Arnold-Emily McIntosh-Mya DeWitt-Mallory DeWald, 11-12 Girls: Mallory Jackson-Grace Hanna-Veronica Lantz-Mya VanderHagen, 13-14 Girls: Kaitlyn Sagan-Lori Wiegner, 11-12 Boys: Nate Holzhauser-Isaac Lemly-Brian Lower-Tristan DeWitt, 13-14 Boys: Kyle Kresl-Tim Cater-Jordan Keuneke-Andy Howard.   NACS ended up 12th place team-out of (70) that scored any points and many more that were there that did not score any points.   Our 10-Under Girls were 21st place in high Point scoring, our 11-12 Girls were 2nd place in scoring-with Mya VanderHagen 19th, Veronica Lantz 16th, Grace Hanna 15th and Mallory Jackson 5th place in High Point Scores, our 11-12 Boys were 4th place in high point with Isaac Lemley 21st, Bryan Lower 20th and Tristan DeWitt 7th place in High Point scoring.   As a team we had (52) lifetime best swims/times - THAT IS AMAZING!!!   Some individual high lights are:

10&Under Girls:  200 Medley Relay (Grace Arnold-Emily McIntosh-Mya DeWitt-Mallory DeWald) was 10th place, Emily McIntosh 19th in 50breast, Mya DeWitt 28th in 50fly, Mallory DeWald 30th in 50back-28th in 50fly-17th in 100fly.

11-12 Girls: 200 Medley & Free Relays (Mallory Jackson-Veronica Lantz-Mya VanderHagen-Grace Hanna) were 2nd place, Mya VanderHagen was 9th 50back-10th 50fly & 100fly-13th 100back-14th 200IM, Grace Hanna was 4th 50free-7th 50back-9th 100back-13th 100free, Veronica Lantz was 15th 50back-13th 50breast-10 200IM-7th 100fly-4th 50fly, Mallory Jackson was 5th 100fly-4th 100free-3rd 200IM-2nd in 100back/200free/500free.

11-12 Boys: 200 Medley Relay 8th, 200 Free Relay (Nate Holzhauser-Isaac Lemley-Bryan Lower-Tristan DeWitt) 15th, Isaac Lemley was 44th 50free-37th 50fly-30th 200IM-9th 100breast-2nd 50breast, Bryan Lower was 27th 200free-16th 100free-14th 50back-11th 100back/100fly-7th 50fly, Tristan DeWitt was 6th 50breast-5th 50free/100back/100breast-4th 200IM/50back.

13-14 Girls: Kaitlyn Sagan was 45th 50free, Lori Wiegner 38th 50free

13-14 Boys: 200 Medley Relay 20th, 400 Medley Relay (Kyle Kresl-Tim Cater-Jordan Keuneke-Andy Howard) 25th, 200 Free Relay 34th, Andy Howard was 40th 100free-30th 100breast-25th 50free, Jordan Keuneke was 31st 100breast-27th 200breast, Tim Cater was 47th 200breast-46th 200IM-44th 100fly-30th 400IM-22nd 200fly

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR AGE GROUP STATE SWIMMERS, COACHES (Emma Easter & Stephanie Schortgen) and Parents!!!!!