NACS All-American Swim Camp June 17, 18, 19

NACS will be hosting a SWIM CAMP on June 17, 18 & 19 at the NACS/Carroll Natatorium.   This camp will be put on by the All-American Swim Camps organization.   Please go to their web site to learn more about their program and some of their excellent staff.   I feel this is a wonderful opportunity to receive some professional, serious stroke, start, turn, training, etc. education without having to travel to a camp or spend 3x+ what this camp costs, plus you get to go home after each session.   Right now the tentative camp schedule is for there to be two(2) sessions each of the three days:   Each day Session 1 would be 10:30am-1pm and then Session 2 would be 3-5:30pm and each camper should attend all sessions.   Parents may attend is they wish and we will most likely have at least one session or part of one that is out of the water covering topics that parents may wish to hear.   We may treak one afternoon session to be a bit later so more parents might be able to attend.   The cost is $185 per camper and you can either pay via a check made out to NACS or let me know that you want your NACS Account billed if you wish to pay via credit card.   Here is the registration process.   Go to their web site, then click on the CAMPS tab kinda at top, then look on the right hand side under REGISTRATION and click on CAMPER REGISTRATION, then drop the State window down and select INDIANA, then drop the Camp window down and select NACS SWIM CAMP, then complete all required fields on all pages.   You'll see in the registration process a window for age/grade and if your swimmer is younger than going into the 4th grade, just indicate 4th grade anyway.   Please see the attached camp flyer.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.   I think this is a unique and awesome opportunity for our swimmers.   Right now there are no plans for any lunches, snacks, drinks, etc - however I think it would be great to get parents together to pitch in and supply some nutritious snacks/drinks.

Thank you-Coach John Gibson