Northridge Area Swimming Association Lessons

Updated 3/29/2021

NASA Swim School @ Northridge Middle School


Important: NASA Swim Lessons will be reopening during the Summer 2021 season.

Lesson Dates and Times are posted Now

Online Registration Now Open

**For Discount code please purchase one class and forward receipt of purchase to [email protected]


What We Offer

Group Lesson Information

Group lessons are intended for our beginner and intermediate level swimmers! With eight levels, there is a place for any swimmer, from first timers to those looking to refine technique! Class ratios traditionally range from 4-6 students with 1 instructor!

Purpose: Swim lessons are designed to teach participants functional life-saving water skills, while developing a sense for how the body can move through the water. As participants progress, they will begin to learn stroke mechanics and build endurance in order to be safe in and around the water!


COVID Guidelines/Precautions: 

-All instructors will wear a mask or face shield unless demonstrating specific skills that require underwater activity.

-All participants/parent spectators must wear a mask and families must adhere to social distancing practices while in the stands/pool deck.

-Sessions will have an enforced entry time into the building to allow staff to clean the facility between lessons. 

-Swim Lessons Patrons Level 1-6 will not be permitted to change in the locker rooms (must enter and leave in suits), this does not apply to parent-tot classes.

-Participants will be asked to sign a facility/NASA Covid waiver in order to participate upon arrival to the facility on Day 1. (This will not need to be repeated for future lessons)



Location: Northridge Middle School (Pool Entrance Door 5)


Dates: SESSION 1- June 14th - June 24th

            SESSION 2- June 28th - July 8th

            SESSION 3- July 12th - 22nd



Registration opens after Spring Break


Swim Lesson Information



Dates: (8 classes total) (Monday-Thursday)

            SESSION 1- June 14th - June 24th

            SESSION 2- June 28th - July 8th

            SESSION 3- July 12th - 22nd



Class Time 1 - Parent Tot classes 9a-9:30a (Parents and kids will be able to use locker rooms afterwards, and have time to change)    (Max 10 participants)               

Class Time 2 - Swim Lessons (all levels available) enter building @9:50am classes begin @10a-10:40a

(Max 30 participants)

Class Time 3 - Swim Lessons (all levels available) enter building @10:50am classes begin @11a-11:40a

(Max 30 participants)



  • $65.00/swimmer - 8 classes
  • Future Sessions until August 2021 will be discounted to $50 after swimmer participates in initial session. Coupon code will be printed on lesson report cards, if lost, please inquire for coupon code to [email protected]

Registration Deadline: Midnight on Saturday before the first Lesson of the Session.


Questions? Contact Coach Herber at [email protected] office 574/822-5368 M-F 8am-4pm

Swim School

Starfish Swimmers is a non-competitive program for our advanced swimmers! If your swimmer has completed the group lesson structure and/or has an interest in trying out for NASA, this is the program to get their feet wet! Select Levels 1-2 if your child is interested in getting comfortable with water and learning to float on his/her back or stomach. Select Level 3-8 if your child can swim 10 feet unassisted. If you are unsure, don't worry, we pre-test every new swimmer prior to level placement to make sure they start off in the right spot.

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