NASA Team Store


Welcome to the NASA Team Store. Here you can find and purchase Team suits and Team Attire. All items are sold through this online website and can be shipped directly to your home.

There are a couple of items to pay attention to when ordering items through the team store.

  • Team T-Shirts will be ordered for all new members in a bulk order at the beginning of a season and are free to new members. Current members wishing to purchase a new team t-shirt can purchase theirs off the team store.
  • Team Suits are now being sold on the team store and will only be sold by the club in an emergency situation (until stock runs out). Because of buying suits on the team store the club will schedule suit fitting times for swimmers to be fitted so that the correct size suit can be purchased.
  • Competitions caps can be purchased from the NASA swim shop at the High School Pool or directly from your swimmer's coach.
  • Performance suits of any kind should not be purchased without coach approval and must follow the NASA performance suit guidelines that are outlined Here.
  • Team Warm ups are available to purchase in the team store. Jackets for National group members will be purchased by the club and will have embroidery to signify the state team or national group.