NASA Swimmer of the Month

Each Month the NASA coaching staff will be selecting an athlete of the month from each training group. These athletes are selected on many criteria including but not limited to: Attendance, Work ethic, Attitude, Leadership, Team spirit/support, and Coachability. Swimmers selected as the athlete of the month will have their choice of a $10 gift card or a Silicone cap with the NASA logo and "Swimmer of the Month" on it.


Swimmers of the Month for September






Develomental White

Maggie Willey

I chose Maggie Wiley as White group athlete of the month because she comes to practice every time: with a smile on her face, with interest in what her team mates were sharing, engagement in what the group was doing at the time, and a great attitude at the end of practice.

- Coach Troyer

Develomental Blue

Natalie Weaver

Natalie has shown a desire and will to continue to improve her strokes with strong focus and drive on technique. Her attendance has been consistent and she always comes to practice with a grin on her face and I believe her enthusiasm has been a great addition to the team in this first month!

- Coach Diamond

Develomental Gold

Natalie Mount

Natalie shows up to every practice with a smile on her face. She has demonstrated great goal setting and even completed some of her goals this season already. When we have group discussions she buys into the program and provides true and honest responses. Every challenge I have given her thus far she has completed while showing a tremendous amount of desire to improve her abilities in the water. Keep up the hard work Natalie!

- Coach Dan

Middle School Blue

Carigan Tabor

Carigan has shown what it means to be attentive in training and she is always clawing at the chance to show her skills in the water. She is always one of the first ready for anything I throw at this group and her drive is contagious! Her skills directly reflect her determination and ability to listen to instructions closely and I believe we have a team leader in Carigan Tabor. 

- Coach Diamond

Middle School Gold

Mya Rowe

Maya Has shown wonderful character and work ethic this month in practice. She is often helping with pool setup or stretching before practices with friends. She also goes out of her way to encourage teammates during hard sets or dryland. As her coach I can say that she listens very well and participates freely in team discussions. I am excited to see Maya improve quickly and name her the MS Gold Athlete of the month.

- Coach Dan



Caleb Kauffman

Caleb is in his first year of swimming competitively. He was selected as the Senior Group athlete of the month because he always bring a great attitude and work ethic to practice. He consistently is working as hard if not harder than the those around him and is always looking for ways to be better. I am excited to see him progress this season and I am happy to have him on the team.

- Coach Hembree


Grace Ritchie

Grace was selected as the Elite group Athlete of the Month because of how she approaches every training session with a positive attitude and an awesome work ethic. Grace always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face and is always trying to encourage and pick up her teammates. She has been demonstrating great leadership skills this as she moves into the role of an upperclassmen. I am excited to see what Grace is going to accomplish this year. With her attitude and work ethic the sky is the limit.

- Coach Hembree


Jenna Nethercutt

I selected Jenna as the National Group athlete of the month because of her upgraded focus in training. Jenna has been coming to practice with a great attitude. She is working hard and looking for ways to get better. So far this season she has been one of the most coachable athletes in the pool as well as being a great leader to the younger girls in the group. I am looking forward to Jenna having a real breakout season this year!

- Coach Hembree