NASA would like to welcome all swimmers and their families to Middlebury and to the beautiful Northridge High School Natatorium for the Indiana Swimming North East Divisional. We look forward to hosting this event, and to the many fast swims and new cuts that are sure to result. If we can be of service please don't hesitate to ask one of our volunteers or myself. Please remember to fill out the meet evaluation survey that will be distributed or can be found at the welcome table and let us know how we’re doing. Good Luck and Swim Fast!!

                                                Kyle Hembree

                                                Middlebury Community Schools Aquatics Director

                                                NASA Club Director/Head Coach


Preliminary Session Reports

  Sessions Report - Updated 3/5/21

Preliminary Psych Sheet

  Full Psych Sheet - Updated 3/5/21  

Heat Sheets


Indiana Swimming Spring North East Divisional Safety Plan


North East Divisional COVID-19 Questionnaire


Required Waivers for ALL in Attendance

Middlebury Community Schools Waiver
USA/Indiana swimming Waiver
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Important Documents

All important meet documentation can be found on the Indiana Swimming Championship Meet Page. - Click Here




 Parking/Traffic Flow

Yellow = Drop Off Area

Green = Pickup/Waiting Area


Interior Traffic flow


Meet Information


Check In Procedure


Athletes and coaches will be required to check in before obtaining access to the pool deck. When athletes check in they will be issued a bag tag. This bag tag will allow the athletes access to the pool deck. Athletes must present the bag tag to access the locker rooms/pool deck. On Friday, athlete check in will take place in the hallway immediately to left after entering door 11. For Saturday and Sunday, the athlete check in will take place in the Field house. Coaches and Officials will also need to check in each day as they normally would, the check in table will be in the lobby area before entering the pool.  Don’t forget coaches and officials must have valid USA credentials for deck access. Upon entering campus from US 20 or CR 16, look for signage directing you to the natatorium. On Friday only the east driveway will be accessible. The pool parking lot will be available after 3PM, not earlier! Keep in mind that for the Friday session that door 11 will not open until 3:15. This is due to Northridge High School not releasing students from school until 3:45. This check in procedure is very important to maintaining the security of the deck, along with following USA/IN Swimming Policy.   IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ARRIVE BY 3:30 PM FOR FRIDAY WARMUPS IN ORDER TO AVOID SCHOOL TRAFFIC.

Athletes will be expected to complete an online COVID symptom screen one hour prior to arrival (Link Above).

Swimmers are assumed to be swimming unless scratched. This includes the distance events and relays this year.


During all sessions each team will be assigned a lane for warming up. Warm up lane assignments have been posted below and will be included in the coach packet each coach will receive at registration. Please plan accordingly with your team to help this process go as smoothly as possible.

Warm-Up Reminders

  • Teams are being assigned lane space that they get to decide how to use. That means there will not be specific sprint/pace lanes and times.
  • Bigger teams will need to figure out how to split warm up time. We understand that we will not be able to adhere to the 4 athletes per lane during pre-meet warm ups. With that said we are asking that teams respect the COVID policies and not put an exuberate amount of kids in a lane at a time. Athletes should still be starting from both ends and maintain social distancing at the walls. If this is not followed teams will be asked to take remove kids from warm-up until social distancing can be maintained.
  • It was not possible to give each team their own lane. Thus some of the smaller teams will have to share lane space. Please communicate with each other and work it out.
  • Lane assignments for Sunday remain the same as Saturday. Note, that the warm up times differ slightly on Sunday.

Warm Up Lanes - POSTED HERE


General Information

We are asking that each team have a USA swimming Non-Athelte Member that is willing to stay in the team area with their team to police their teams (masks, etc..). This no-athlete member will need to remain in the team area during the entire session, sitting by their team.

Other Important Information

  • Parents will not be allowed in the facility, the only exception would be our 8&Unders can have a parent walk them into the facility, but will then need to exit immediately. This parent MUST be in a mask. All athletes will need to meet their parents outside after the meet.
  • Everyone MUST wear a MASK at all times in the MCS facilities, except when in the water.
  • All athletes will be housed in the Northridge High School Field house. We will plan to clerk ALL athletes starting in the field house area then walk them onto the deck. Teams will be assigned a specific area in the field house to camp. Athletes should remain in the team area unless in the pool.
  • All athletes will enter the start area from the east side of the pool and exit the west side.
  • We will have a place for the athletes to hang their masks behind the blocks.
  • We will use fly-overs for the entire meet to help control traffic behind the blocks.
  • Warm Up and Warm down lanes will be utilized during the meet. No more than 4 swimmers will be allowed in the lanes and must stay moving at all times. Standing up and socializing will not be allowed.
  • We are asking swimmers to arrive in their suits to minimize locker room use. Locker rooms will be available during the meet for restroom use and after the meet to change if necessary. The number of athletes in the locker rooms will be monitored at all times.
  • This meet will be webcast on the NASA Facebook page.
  • Everyone's temperature will be taken prior to entering the facility.
  • ISI is asking that we go with a paperless meet. As such heat sheets will not be printed for coaches on deck. Heat sheets will be posted on the NASA NE Divisional page and on Meet Mobile.
  • We will not be having a vendor at this meet. Please have your athletes plan accordingly.



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