Event Fundraising
2019 Swim-a-Thon
AUG 23
Time: 6:00 PM
Forest Park Aquatic Center
Rich Wolfred Email
Please join us for our 2019 Swim-A-Thon. A Swim-A-Thon is a fundraiser in which participants earn money for our swim club by swimming for one hour during our 24 hour Swim-A_Thon. Participants get pledges from businesses, family, neighbors, etc. Some choose to get pledges and money prior to swimming while others get pledges per length and collect the money following the Swim-A-Thon. With over 500 Swim-A-Thons conducted each year nationwide, this program has proven itself over and over again as a successful method of raising funds for a club. This year we are doing an online campaign. You may login, go to your TUMoney page and set up your account. Promote the Swim-A-Thon through email, facebook, and twitter! Donations may be made by check OR by credit card. USA Swimming and Team Unify have paired up on Swim-A-Thon so we can track our success online!

The Swim-A-Thon is not only an excellent fundraiser, but also an opportunity for our club to combine swimming along with a social event to raise money for club equipment. Additionally, our Swim-A-Thon can boost our club spirit and increase community awareness of our club.

Below is a sample solicitation letter for the 2019 Swim-A-Thon to copy and paste into an email or print and send in the mail. Letter writing fundraising campaigns are sometimes more successful because people like receiving personalized mail and you are more likely to catch the sponsor in their right moment of having extra discretionary spending money available. Likewise, you can see people face to face if you are more comfortable with that approach.


Please help your swimmer and/or swimmers set up their page online (see below with "how to" instructions), and promote, promote, promote!! Start with mailing addresses of family members, friends, and neighbors. Another good source of donations are people you do business with such as your family doctor, dentist, insurance agent, tax accountant, real estate agent, or lawyer, etc.

95% of the Swim-A-Thon money stays with the Noblesville Swim Club swimmers!!! The other 5% goes to USA Swimming to help support national initiatives. The donations raised from the Swim-A-Thon are tax-deductible contributions as Noblesville Swim Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Participants | Rank 0/178
$200.00 Exley Tricker
$200.00 Evelyn King
$100.00 Samuel Holl
Top Roster (amount)
$200.00 Apollo Black
$200.00 Endeavour
$100.00 Voyager Gold