Indiana Swimming
Level 3

2019 Long Course Coaches

Aleks Fansler
Apr 7, 2019

As we get geared up to start the 2019 Long Course Season, I am excited to announce the coaches and group coaching changes!  Noblesville has been so lucky over the years to have a group of coaches that are so loyal and so dedicated to the program, and I am excited about the coaching staff this season to continue the great work we have been doing!

The Endeavour Group: Aleks Fansler

    I am ready to start my 4th season with this group.  The ability to work with this group of swimmers as Endeavour swimmers and then as Senior swimmers is an important and beneficial situation that helps the long-term development of our athletes and the transition for Middle School swimmers to the High School and Senior Program.  Although we are not the only team that has this kind of coaching arrangement, the other programs that do have a great track record for cultural and performance across the entire program!

The Apollo Gold Group: Abby Greishop

    Coach Abby moving to the Apollo Gold Group is a great change to the program.  During her time at Noblesville she has done an amazing job developing our 10 and under program, and consistently helping kids achieve their individual goals while having swimmers compete at the state level.  I am excited to have Abby take on this position and bring that level of enthusiasm to our 11 and Older Program!

The Apollo Black Group: Kristen Knight

    Since joining our staff last Fall, Coach Kristen has done an amazing job with the Apollo Black Group.  I have seen great improvements with the group’s technique and skills over the last season, and to end the season with as many Divisional swimmers and swimmers who qualified for State Relays shows just how great the group is doing!

The Voyager Gold Group: Natalie Parrish

    I am thrilled to announce Coach Natalie’s return to the Age Group Program!  With such a strong coach in Abby leaving the group, to be able to place one of our most experienced and senior coaches with this group is a huge win for the program.  Natalie has spent the last few years working with the Senior Team and bringing that experience to the development of our 10 and unders is can only be a positive.

The Voyager Black Group: Annie Schneiders

    When I think of some of the strongest tools Noblesville has in the development of our young athletes, Coach Annie is always at the top of the list!  Having Annie working with the Voyager Black Group is such a great tool in taking the swimmers we have from the Discovery group and having them technically and physically ready for the Voyager Gold Group.  Annie’s knowledge and experience cannot be stated enough as a strength for the development of our 10 and unders!

The Discovery Group: Ben Greishop

    Since Coach Ben has joined the Discovery group, we have seen amazing improvements with the organization, technical improvements, and performance of our entry level 10 and under group.  Ben has a great deal of knowledge about swimming at all levels from 10 and up. I am excited to see Ben continue the development of our Discovery swimmers and continue to give them the foundations that will be built on while these kids continue to move through the program.  

Age Group Assistant Coach: Andra Pavich

    Andra over the last season has become an important piece of our Age Group Program, and we are excited to have her continue to assist with many of the group that we have.  She has grown tremendously as a coach over the last season with her ability to work on technique with our swimmers and can’t wait to see her grow and develop as a coach!

Coach Kim Bowling

Lastly, we would all like to take some time and thank Kim Bowling and wish her all the best as she moves on from the Noblesville Swim Club.  Kim has been a huge and invaluable part of the growth and success of the Noblesville Swim Club over her 15 years with the program. It is safe to say that we would not be where we are today without her.  Aside from her time on the pool deck working with the athletes, she was a huge part of all the planning, scheduling, and operations of everything from our team parties to arranging hotel rooms for coaches at away meets.

Kim also plays one of the most valuable roles not only to our program, but to the entire community as well by operating the Forest Park Aquatic Center.  Without her, FPAC maybe not be one of the most historic and iconic pools in the state! We have a facility in the summer that clubs all over the nation would do anything to have, and that is because of Kim.

We are very sad to see Coach Kim move in a new direction but are happy for her to be able to spend more time with her children Macy, Logan, and Ty. Kim will be able to help us if we need a sub coach moving forward, and I know that we will see her around the pool!  Please take some time to thank Kim for all that she has given to this program! Coaches like Kim do not come around programs often, and she will always be a huge part of the history of the program!