Indiana Swimming
Level 3



Noblesville Swim Club has been fortunate to have a large number of officials in the club. Many of these officials work at both meets hosted by the club, and meets hosted by other clubs. The number of officials in a club can even be a factor in a club's acceptance into a meet. Working as an official is a great way to not only fulfill volunteer requirements, but also help with the success of every meet. If you are interrested in becoming an official, or would just like to find out more information, please contact the Officials Chair for the club, or any of the officials that are part of the club.

Name Certification
Antonett-Tricker, Alicia Referee / Officials Chair
Barnett, Jon Referee
Conner, Greg Referee
DeCocq, Jeff Referee
Haflich, Byron Starter
Halvorsen, Liz Technical
Mathes, Natalie Technical
Monger, Justin Referee
Santerre, Jen Technical
Santerre, Peter Starter
Smythe, Mickey Referee
Teske, Brian Starter / Admin
Tricker, Troy Referee
Van Velzen, Eliot Referee