Indiana Swimming
Level 3

Reimbursement Policy

The Noblesville Swim Club recognizes that having a well-staffed roster of USA Swimming certified officials is vital to the ongoing health and success of the organization. In order to help assure that club members are motivated to both become and remain certified officials, and to help ensure that they represent the club well at swim meets, the club will reimburse eligible officials the cost for the non-athlete membership registration and background check required to become and remain a certified official.

To be eligible for reimbursement, an official must have worked 12 or more sessions at meets hosted by the club, and 4 or more sessions at meets hosted by other clubs, during the period from September 1 through August 31. At the end of this period, eligibility will be verified by the Officials Chair for the club, and submitted to the Treasurer for the club for reimbursement. Any questions about this policy should be sent to the Officials Chair.