Indiana Swimming
Level 3

Noblesville Swim Club Scholarship Program

Noblesville Swim Club is pleased to offer a scholarship program to assist with the fees payable for a swimmer to participate as a part of our being a not-for-profit organization.

Hereafter, “the swimmer” will be held to mean any individual swimmer or his or her legal guardian.

Any swimmer who meets the participation guidelines and asks for participation in the program will be considered on an equal basis.  Once the request has been made, the eligibility will be determined following the Program Guidelines.

Reduced Fees Program Guidelines

Any interested swimmer should contact the Coach or any Board Member and request the forms needed.  This request will be forwarded on to the Head of the Scholarship Committee and the swimmer will be contacted directly by the Head of the Scholarship Committee.

Any swimmer requesting participation in the program will be required to fill out the application form and submit it along with the supporting documentation.  Upon receipt of the completed form and supporting documentation, the Head of the Scholarship Committee will determine the swimmer’s eligibility.  The “Total Income” line of the 1040 form should be compared to the current eligibility guideline to determine eligibility.  Extenuating circumstances may be taken into consideration at the discretion of the Head of the Scholarship Committee.   After a swimmer is determined to be eligible, the following guidelines will be used:

  1. The swimmer will, under normal circumstances, be responsible for the club registration fee, pool use fee, USA Swimming registration fee and any applicable splash fee.  The swimmer may also be responsible for a portion of the monthly dues as determined in paragraph 2 below.  Normal circumstances may be changed by a Special Disclosure documented and filed for a given year in that more or less of the fee structure may be adjusted as per the Special Disclosure.  Special Disclosures will be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors and will be based upon budget and participation in the program.
  2. The monthly dues for a given year will be reduced or eliminated according to the eligibility guidelines chart for a potential participant.  The eligibility guidelines chart is updated up to one time per year, with reference to the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines (FPL).  Any reduction or elimination of the monthly dues will be determined based upon the application the swimmer turns into the Head of the Scholarship Committee.
  3. A reduction program is also offered by USA swimming and administered through Indiana Swimming which will reduce the USA registration fees for any swimmer to $7.00 upon presentation of a valid approval for participation in that year’s school reduced or free lunch program.  This should be pursued if applicable by eligible swimmers.
  4. A reduced fee determination will only be valid for a one-year term (maximum) and then must again be applied for and a new determination recorded and put into place.  The year starts in September with the annual signup and ends at the end of the summer swim season.  Participants will not be “carried over” automatically. Any disagreement or dispute regarding the eligibility determination made by the current Chairman of the Scholarship committee may be brought up for review before the Scholarship Eligibility Review Committee.  This committee will consist of the current NOB president, the current NOB Treasurer and the current Chairman of the Scholarship Committee. 
  5. Any decision made by the Scholarship Eligibility Review Committee will be final and the matter will not be eligible for review again for the current scholarship year.

Penny Neff, Head of the NOB Scholarship Committee