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Scrip Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scrip?
Scrip is a fundraising program. Unlike some fundraising programs, it does not require any selling or soliciting. You simply buy gift cards, and either give them as gifts, or use them to pay for things you already buy. Each gift card comes with a rebate, and half that rebate will be applied as a credit to your swim club account, and the other half will be used by the club to support the program.
How do I sign up?
You can sign up through the  Scrip website. When you are prompted for the enrollment code, use BDDF5F8F65765.
What if I already use Scrip through another organization?
You can add Noblesville Swim Club as an additional organization, and each time you place an order, you can choose which organization should process the order.
Does it cost anything to use Scrip?
No, there is no cost to use Scrip. There are 3 ways to pay for an order. You can pay by credit card, directly through a bank account, or check. If you pay by credit card, there is a 2.6% processing fee added to each order. If you pay directly through a bank account, there is a 15 cent processing fee added to each order. There is no fee if you pay by check.
Is there a minimum order?
Each gift card has a minimum denomination, but there is not a minimum number of gift cards required to place an order.
What is PrestoPay?
You can attach a bank account to your Scrip account and use it to pay for your orders. Once your account has been verified, any orders you place and pay for with PrestonPay will be processed almost immediately. There is a 15 cent processing fee for each order paid for through PrestoPay. If your order contains multiple gift cards, the processing fee is for the entire order, not each gift card.
When will I receive my gift cards?
If you order any eGift cards, or reloads for reloadable cards you already have, and you pay with PrestoPay or a credit card, you will receive those almost immediately. If you pay by check, you will not receive them until your check has been received by your Scrip program coordinator. Regardless of how you pay, physical gift cards are shipped directly to the Scrip program coordinator on the first business day of each month, and take 2-3 business days to be delivered. You will receive an email when they are available for pickup.
When will I receive my rebates?
Rebates earned one month will generally be applied as credits on your account for the following month.
Does Scrip have an app?
Yes, the app is called RaiseRight and is available for iOS and Android.
What happens if my swimmer does not swim with the club during the long course season?
If your swimmer does not swim with the club during the long course season, you can still use Scrip, and any account credits you earn through rebates will be applied as soon as you register for the short course season.
What is the catch?
There really isn't a "catch" to this program. The hardest part about Scrip is really just remembering to use it. One of the most important things to remember is that you don't have to bulk order gift cards up front. One of the best ways to use Scrip is to simply check Scrip anytime you walk into a store or restaurant, or before you checkout when placing an online order, and see if an eGift card is available. As long as you've signed up for PrestoPay, you can get an eGift card within minutes of ordering it.
How much can I realistically earn?
By just using Scrip to pay for things you already buy, you could probably average $20 a month in rebates.