Indiana Swimming
Level 3

Group Move Requirements

Moving from group to group is always a hot button issue throughout the season.  Our main focus when it comes to moving groups is that each swimmer knows all the skills that will be needed to be successful at the next group.  This means that every group at the Noblesville Swim Club is valuable, and each swimmer will pass through each group in the Age Group Program to make sure the necessary skills have been acquired.

There is no set amount of time that a swimmer may be in one group, however some but not all of the factors that will be taken into consideration for when a swimmer is moved are:

  • Do they have all the skills required to move to the next group?
  • Do they have the IMR/IMX score needed to be in the next group?
  • Do they have the required maturity to handle the next group?
  • Is there space in the next group for more swimmers?
  • When is the swimmers birthday and age up date?

Please remember at the end of the day it is the coaches’ discretion if a swimmer moves or not.  We have each swimmers best interest at heart, but we must also balance that with what is best for all of the swimmers in the program. 

Noblesville Swim Club : 10 and Under Program Skills Requirements
**Swimmers must be able to demostrate each of these skills before moving to the next group**
Discovery Voyager Black Voyager Gold
Ready Position Push Offs Ready Position Push Off Pulling w/ Arms on Start
Circle Swimming 2-3-4 Breakouts Using Snorkel During All Turns
No Breath Breakouts 10 Second Apart Send Offs Managing 5, 15, 25, 45 Intervals
5 Second Apart Sendoffs Backstroke to Breaststroke Crossover Back Kick Focused Fish Kick
Open Turns High Hips on Starts Able to Reduce SC During Swims
Flip Turns Swimming w/ Snorkel
USA Swimming Start Certification Managing 0's, 10's 20's 30's Intervals Single Arm Fly
Breathing w/ Snorkel While Kicking Big and Exaggerated Fish Kick Sneaking the Breath in the Fly Rhythm
Reading The Clock Stroke Count Awareness Outlaw Back Kick
Streamline Gliding Off Wall Single Arm Back
Stroke Count Awareness Fly Side Kick Handshake Back Drill w/ Bottle On Head
Press Pull Pause Drill Fly Breast Position 11 Kick on Belly
Fly Body Position Kick On Back Early Breath During Pull on Fly Fast and Aggressive Recovery on Breast Pull
Head Lead and Arm Lead Forward Press Fly Side Kick w/ Eyes Up Breast Separation Drill  w/ Long Pause
Fly Pull Pattern and Recovery Back Handshake Drill  Freestyle Pause Drill
Backstroke Kick In Body Position Back Log Roll w/ Bottle on Head Free Breathing Every 5th Arm
Log Roll Back Kick Breast Kick On Back
Back Kick w/ Bottle on Head Breast Pull That Is Wide and Forward 6 x 100 on Fastest Interval Possible for AB
Breast Kick w/ Board Side Kick Free IMX Score range of 300 - 800+ for AB
Breast Surface Scull Straight Arm Catchup
Legal Kick and Pull for Breast Breathing Every 3rd Arm
Free Body Position Kick 
Free Straight Arm Recovery 4 x 100 on Fastest Interval Possible For VG.
Free Breath w/ 1 Goggle in Water IMX Score for Voyager Gold
IM- Ready Score for Voyager Black

Noblesville Swim Club : 12 and Older Program Skills Requirements
**Swimmers must be able to demostrate each of these skills before moving to the next group**
Apollo Black Apollo Gold Endeavour
Knowing your Individual Times from Clock Management Of Complex Interval Sets Full Clock Mastery
Full Fish Kick @ Slower Tempos Fish Kick @ Race Tempo Slant Kick @ Race Tempo
Ability to Maintain Stroke Count over Distance SWOLF Sets For All Strokes Have TSC For Each Stroke
Fly w/ Soft Hand Entry ALL Previous Fly Skills Fly Mastery
Fly w/ Quick Breath Catchup Back w/ Low Scull Back Mastery
Backstroke L Kick Back Swim w/ Bottle On Head Breast Mastery
Catchup Backstroke All Previous Breast Skills and Timing Free Mastery
Single Arm Back w/ Bottle On Head Race Specific Breathing Patterns
Breast Separation Drill w/ Short Pause 10 x 100 on Fastest Interval Possible For Sr
Free w/ High Elbow Pull 10 x 100 on Fastest Interval Possible For End IMX Score of 1500+ For Sr
Free Breathing Pattern of 1-1-3 IMX Score of 1500+ For End
8 x 100 on Fastest Interval Possible For AG
IMX Score of 800 - 1500+ for AG