Indiana Swimming
  Fall Swim Lessons Session 2
Practices are Mondays & Wednesdays, 9/19-10/26 (except no practice wk of 10/10 - Fall Break)
@6:00-6:45 for all groups except B1; B1's practice @6:00-6:30 or 6:30-7:00
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Swimmers must be registered before they attend practice

Communication during Meets

  • Coaches will communicate through the REMIND app during the meet.  Download the REMIND app and enter 81010 and text @27a38k2

How to find the Meet Schedule

  • Navigate to the website tab “Calendar” and select “Team Events”. Here you will find a list of upcoming meets/team functions. 

How to sign up for a Meet

  • Find the meet you wish to sign up for and select the “Attend/Decline” tab. From there you will be given options of which days/sessions/events you wish to sign up for. 

  • If there are specific instructions you wish for the coach to receive regarding the meet there is a notes field where you can type in something like “Saturday only” or “Johnny would like to try the 200 Butterfly at this meet”. 

Do I have to pick the events for my child?

  • No. Coaches actually prefer to select the events. Coaches will send out a meet roster before the final entry is due for parents to check over. At that point, if there is a discrepancy the parent and coach can work it out. 
  • If the parent selects the events, they will be subject to be changed by the coach. 

  • If you see an error on a meet entry please contact your group coach as soon as possible after noticing the error. After a certain deadline we cannot recover fees for event changes. 

How are relay teams chosen?

  • Coaches have sole discretion over selection and order of relay teams. 

    • There are many factors that contribute to the “why” of a relay team selection or order. 

    • Sometimes coaches need to get lead off splits for certain kids (because those count as individual event swims regarding time standards)

    • Sometimes coaches want to see kids swim different strokes than they normally swim. 

    • Sometimes the whole relay is faster with a certain order, meaning that your child may not always be in their best stroke on the relay. 

  • At Championship Meets

    • Relays are typically designed to produce the best result possible in the meet. Therefore the “A” relay team will consist of the fastest possible combination of swimmers, the “B” relay with the next fastest possible combination and so on…

    • Exceptions always apply. “Splitting Relays” is a method used to make the A and B relays closer in time in order to achieve a time standard for both relays for future meets. In this situation swimmers 1 and 2 would team up with swimmers 7 and 8, and the other relay would be swimmers 3,4,5,6. 

Where can I find the warm up times, event list, and other information? 

  • Every USA club meet that is sanctioned through Indiana Swimming is required to post a meet announcement on the Indiana Swimming website. These meet letters contain every piece of information that coaches, parents and swimmers need to prepare for the meet. The meet announcements are always posted on our website under the specific meet and they can also be found on the following website:

  • PCA coaches will send out a final email with meet information a few days before the meet starts. This email will generally include any last minute specifics, along with the meet letter, the psych sheet, timelines, parking information, etc… 


At the meet…

  • Expect large crowds of swimmers and coaches on the deck, and large crowds of parents in the spectator area. Arriving early is beneficial for all parties. 

  • Warm up pool will be CROWDED. At most meets there are between 150-250 swimmers per session using the pool at the same time. 

  • Sessions typically last 4-5 hours. Pack snacks, drinks, etc.. 

  • Team Suits and Caps are required for PCA swimmers at meets, excluding tech suits. Find the link to order your team suit under the “team gear” tab on the website. 

  • If not otherwise directed by your child’s coach, plan to have your child on deck and in their suit no less than 10 minutes prior to warm up start time. 

  • In the summer, some of our meets are at outdoor venues. Plan accordingly. 


Meet terminology

  • Event  

    • This is the stroke and distance of a specific age group and gender 

    • “Event 1 - Girls 10 and under 50 Butterfly” 

  • Heat 

    •  This is a group of 8 swimmers within an event swimming at the same time

    • “Event 1, Heat 4” - Girls 10 and under 50 Butterfly 

    • Winning a heat does not necessarily mean winning the event. 

  • Seed

    • A swimmer’s rank in an event based of off their entry time is called “seed” 

    • A swimmer’s time from prelims in a prelims/finals meet will determine their “seed” for finals

  • Heat Sheet 

    • This is the meet program that identifies which heat and lane each swimmer is assigned to. 

  • Psych Sheet

    • This is a ranking list for each event that is sometimes published before a meet to let coaches, swimmers and parents know what to expect placement-wise. 

    • Psych sheets are typically provided for prelims/finals meets. 

  • Prelims/Finals 

    • In meets with this format, swimmers (usually only 11 and overs or 13 and overs) will swim in the morning session and only a certain amount in each event will qualify for the finals, which typically are that evening. 

    • Scratch procedures 

      • In all prelims/finals meets, there is a specific procedure for scratching. Failing to abide by this procedure can cause a swimmer to be barred from the remainder of the meet or can result in financial penalty to the club. 

      • All PCA swimmers who qualify for finals are encouraged to participate. Any swimmer who wishes to scratch MUST notify the coach before the scratch deadline, which is 30 minutes after the event has ended in prelims. 

    • Timed final events within a prelim/finals meet

      • In most prelims/finals meets, the relays and longer events (i.e. 400 IM, 1650 freestyle, etc…) are conducted as timed finals. This means that the swimmers competing in these events will only swim the event one time. 

  • Timed Finals

    • Most meets that we attend are timed finals format. 

    • This means that each event is only conducted once. There is no “qualifying” round. 

    • All 10 and under events are ALWAYS timed finals, even at the highest level meets. 


Podium Meets 

  • In most end of season championship meets (Age Group State, Senior State, Divisionals), they award the top 8 finishers with medals. 

  • PCA swimmers are required to wear a PCA shirt or warm up jacket while on the podium. You can order a shirt through our website.