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JAGS Winter Invite Recap

Elizabeth Woodruff
Dec 30, 2018

PCA Families,

I have finally received the results for the JAGS Meet and wanted to give you all an update on PCA’s performance.  The coaches and I are very proud of our athletes and our team, as a whole!  This is PCA’s second time participating in this meet and we outperformed our previous accomplishments by a mile.

As a team, PCA placed 10th out of 32 teams and scored a total of 809 points!  To give you an idea of how much this team has grown and progressed, at this same invite in 2016, PCA placed 22nd out of 24 teams and we scored a total of 105.5 points.  For a team to improve by this much in two short years is something to be very proud of!

Congratulations to our new club record holders!

8 and Under Boys:

Jaxon Russel

500 Freestyle 7:13.09

50 Breaststroke 44.09

100 Butterfly 1:25.83

9-10 Girls:

Allison Woodard

500 Freestyle 709.57

9-10 Boys:

Alejandro Pena

100 Freestyle 116.50

100 Butterfly 145.44

11-12 Girls:

Averie Keating

500 Freestyle 603.02

11-12 Boys:

Jared Beasley

50 Breaststroke 38.43

13-14 Girls:

Taylor Brackney

500 Freestyle 5:46.08

400 IM 5:20.91

Josie Heyob

200 Butterfly 2:44.56

Congratulations to our high point achievers by age group:

8 and Under BOYS:

Jaxon Russell- 144 *Special congrats for scoring the most PCA points!!

9-10 GIRLS

Allison Woodard- 25

9-10 BOYS:

Jonas Forster- 54

11-12 GIRLS:

Averie Keating- 9

11-12 BOYS:

Jared Beasley- 125

13-14 GIRLS:

Taylor Brackney- 64

13-14 BOYS:

Luke Smith- 66

Open BOYS:

Brian Beasley- 35

A great job to all of our athletes!!  I am looking forward to seeing how much we improve in our upcoming meet in January!  Go PCA!

More photos: