2019 THT Halloween Splash Recap

Elizabeth Woodruff

2019 THT Halloween Splash Recap

Across all age groups, our athletes far exceeded the expectations of the PCA Coaching staff this past weekend in Terre Haute.  The extra rest from Fall Break lead to many fantastic swims and massive time drops.  Our boys finished 3rd overall and earned a total of 438 points!  Our girls finished 2nd overall and earned a total of 652 points!  PCA swimmers should be very proud of their performance and sportsmanship!

New Club Records: 

Jaxon Russell (8 and Under):

25 Freestyle 14.12

500 Freestyle 6:47.23

25 Backstroke 17.05

25 Breaststroke 19.02

25 Butterfly 16.40

100 IM 1:25.76

200 IM 2:57.76

Olivia Moore (8 and Under)

100 Freestyle 1:36.71

25 Freestyle 17.95

Averie Keating (11-12)

100 Freestyle 1:00.97

500 Freestyle 5:49.59

50 Butterfly 30.05

100 IM 1:10.09

Taylor Brackney (13-14)

200 Breaststroke 2:33.42

200 IM 2:24.36

Dane Market (Open)

1650 Freestyle 17:17.40

200 Butterfly 2:04.33

200 IM 2:05.36

Luke Smith (Open)

50 Backstroke 28.21

200 Backstroke 2:11.62


Congratulations to all our swimmers who earned individual life time best times:

            *Highlighted names dropped time in EVERY event*

Nicole Abell (1), Grace Brackney (4), Taylor Brackney (3), Kenzie Clark (3), Kaitlyn Fletcher (4), Hanna Forster (6), Josie Heyob (3), Marina Hiple (6), Mya Irving (1), Maria Jimenez (5), Lainey Johnson (6), Aubrie Keating (6), Averie Keating (7), Tessa Maar (7), Norah Market (2), Olivia Moore (7), Meg Parker (5), Maquinzie Phillips (6), Elise Ponder (1), Rayah Rugenstein (1), Taylor Schoen (5), Reagan Walters (5), Madeline Western (3), Natalie Woehlecke (10), Ella Wood (5), Alli Woodard (7).

Zeke Abner (4), Talan Andersch (3), Brian Beasley (3), Jared Beasley (5), Patrick Dewitt (3), Dane Market (7), Cole Rivers (6), Jaxon Russell (12), Luke Smith (6), Xander Straw (2).


Individual Event Winners:

Nicole Abell- 13-14 200 Butterfly

Brian Beasley- Open 100 Breaststroke

Taylor Brackney- 13-14 200 Breaststroke

Averie Keating- 11-12 500 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke, 200 IM, and 50 Butterfly

Dane Market- Open 1650 Freestyle, 200 IM and 200 Butterfly

Maggie McGuire- Open 200 Breaststroke

Jaxon Russell- 8 and Under 25, 50, and 500 Freestyle, 100 and 200 IM, 25 and 50 Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly

Luke Smith- Open 200 Backstroke

*Special shout out to Jaxon Russell, who placed 1st in ALL 12 of his events and was PCA’s 8 and Under High Point.  Jaxon also set 8 meet records and scored a whopping 209 points!  Way to go Jaxon!

*Special shout out to Averie Keating, who had five 1st place finishes and finished in the top 3 in 10 of her events, earning a total of 86 points!  Well done, Averie!

*Special shout out to Dane Market, who had three 1st place finishes and set 3 new club records!  Dane was also the Open Boys High Point Winner of the meet!  Outstanding effort, Dane!


Coaches Comments

Coach Scott Johnson- Seniors:

Senior group swimmers showed vast improvement at Terre Haute last weekend compared to the performance at the first meet. Naturally we look to improve throughout the season but I was pleasantly surprised with how much stronger our kids look in their races overall. We have started to integrate some speed work into our training and it is already paying off. Among a large group of swimmers who had nice time drops, Dane Market, Luke Smith, Tessa Maar and Maquinzie Phillips had a very consistent meet and each had multiple lifetime best swims. Onward we move through our training plan and I anticipate even greater things to come!

Coach Liz Woodruff- Tsunamis:

Our Tsunami group was represented by Talan Andersch, Averie Keating, Norah Market, and Taylor Schoen who earned a combined 132 points!  Talan had great drops in his 100 (-6.66) and 200 (5.36) Breaststroke and also dropped an impressive 41.74 seconds in his 100 Butterfly!  Averie dropped time in 8 out of her 12 events, won 4 events, and placed in the top 7 in ALL of her events!  Norah was the only 11-12 girl to compete in the 1650 Freestyle, finishing close to her best time.  Norah also dropped a full 6.00 seconds in her 100 Butterfly!  Taylor had an impressive meet and dropped time in 6 events and dropped 10.39 seconds in both her 100 and 500 Freestyle!  I’m very excited to see these athletes compete at home next weekend!

Coach Chris Tice- Tidals:

I’m very pleased with how well all the Tidals swam this weekend. The results of their hard work in practice are showing and I’m excited to watch them continue to improve! One highlight I was personally able to see were Natalie’s W., Allison’s W., and Marina’s H. awesome 50 freestyle race. All three girls placed within the top 16 swimmers with Natalie in the top 8!

Coach Lise Moore- Breakers:

The Breakers had another awesome meet at the THT Halloween Splash. This was Kenzie Clark's first short course meet and she had some great swims. Maddie Moore, Hanna Forster, Elise Ponder, Ella Wood, and Jayda Woodruff all competed and dropped time in 22 events total. Jayda had an impressive time drop of 26 seconds in her 100 back and 31 seconds in her 200 free. Ella Wood earned a divisional cut in her 200 free. 

Coach Ben Moore- Swells:

The Terre Haute meet was a success for the Swells!  Maddie Western made her debut for PCA and did an incredible job!  Lainey Johnson, Aubrie Keating, Olivia Moore and Reagan Walters all saw time drops during the meet.  Olivia Moore was excited to break the club record for the 8 and under 100 Free. It was great to see so many PCA relays competing during the meet. 


Overall, our athletes had a very successful meet and PCA coaches are proud of our swimmers’ efforts!  Our sights are now set on lighting up our home pool, next weekend!  We are excited to host our next meet and we are looking forward to seeing all 78 of our swimmers race!


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