Join us for our Fall lessons & developmental sessions.  New Member Registration & Evaluations @ PHS:

September 5 -- 5:30-6:30    &    September 9 -- 4:30-5:30 

Swim Lessons & Developmental Fall Schedule:

Online Registration for Lessons & Developmental (returning members only):

  • August 21 – September 4
  • See below for more details

On-site Registration & Evaluations for all new swimmers at the PHS pool:

Lessons Session 1 (5 weeks):  September 9 – October 10

Lessons Session 2 (5 weeks):  October 21 – November 21

  • Mondays & Thursdays 5:30-6:30
  • Cost: $80 per session & $160 for both sessions

Developmental Session (10 weeks):

  • September 9 – November 21 (no practice on Fall Break October 14-18)
  • Mondays & Thursdays 5:30-6:30
  • Cost: $105

Additional costs apply if not previously paid:

  • $10/swimmer annual insurance fee
  • $25/family new swimmer registration fee (one-time fee for families new to PCA)

Online Registration for Returning Swimmers:  please login to your PCA account on  (Please note that if your swimmer has participated in any PCA program previously, you already have a PCA account.  Please email Julie Beasley at if you need assistance logging into your PCA account.)  On the PCA homepage, scroll down to ‘Upcoming Events’, and click the ‘Register Online’ button under ‘Lessons & Developmental Online Registration – Fall 2019’.  Do not click the ‘Club Online Registration’ button at the top of the homepage unless you are registering for PCA’s USA Swim Club Team.

Online registration will remain open for returning PCA Lessons and Developmental members through September 4th.  After September 4th, you can register in-person at our registration & evaluation sessions for new swimmers.


*The following developmental groups range from advanced ability to beginner swimmers. These groups are different than the USAS groups in the fact that they do not require USA swimming membership and only meet 2 nights per week during the fall, winter and spring sessions.

*Coaches for these groups are not USA swimming registered coaches, and sometimes consist of high school age swimmers. 



Developmental - Blue

The most advanced developmental group will focus on refining stroke techniques and will be geared towards preparing swimmers for higher levels of competitive swimming. Some interval training will be introduced at this level. Blue group is ideal for any intermediate/advanced swimmer who wishes to maintain skills but cannot make a commitment to more practice time each week.


  • Ability to swim 100 yards without stopping
  • Ability to use pace clock appropriately
  • Ability to perform each stroke near or at a “legal” level of proficiency
  • Understanding of starts/turns for each stroke
  • Ability to self-guide through sets without full reliance on coaches

Developmental – Red

Red group swimmers will focus on refining all four strokes to a proficient level. Competition based stroke rules will guide the instruction for this group. Practices in the red group will consist primarily of stroke technique improvement and introductory interval training familiarization. Red group is ideal for an intermediate level swimmer who wishes to improve stroke technique and maintain a baseline of conditioning.


  • Ability to swim 50 yards at a time without stopping
  • Ability to gauge/maintain pace through small interval sets
  • Basic understanding of pace clock
  • Basic understanding of specific components of each stroke (i.e. body positions, kicks, timing of arm and leg movements)

Developmental – White

The third tier developmental group will be comprised of swimmers who are not fully proficient in all strokes, but are able to swim 25 plus yards repetitively. This group’s focus will be primarily on improving technique in all competitive strokes and improving on areas of specific weakness. Other areas of focus will include wall/starting block shallow dive technique, flip turn and open turn techniques, breath holding while swimming the strokes, underwater kicking in streamline position and use of training aids such as kickboards, pull buoys, fins, and pace clocks.  


  • Ability to swim 50 yards with minimal break at the 25 yard wall. 
  • Comfortable with holding breath underwater for 10 seconds while swimming.
  • Basic understanding of all four strokes (can perform basic differentiation between each stroke)
  • Ability to practice for 60 minutes.