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USA Club Groups (USA swimming membership required) 

Coaches for the following groups are registered through USA swimming and have extensive swim background both as athletes and coaches. Club coaches are required by PCA to obtain continuing education hours each year. 

Senior - $125/month 

This group will be comprised of swimmers who are high school age and up. Senior swimmers will be subjected to high level training plans integrated with dryland and strength work. Training will be geared towards achieving maximum performances at championship meets each season. Regular attendance at practice and meets will be expected for senior swimmers who desire to be successful.  

Prerequisite: Completion of 8th grade winter season. *Younger swimmers may be promoted to this group based on coach recommendation. 

Tsunamis - $110/month 

The highest level age group will practice 6 days per week and training plans will mirror those of the senior team. Tsunami swimmers will be introduced to high volume training integrated with dryland exercises. Stroke technique instruction will be blended into training phases. The goal of training in this group will be to achieve maximum performances at championship meets each season. Regular attendance will be expected for age group swimmers who desire to be successful.

Prerequisites: Age 11 and up. Proficiency in all four strokes and ability to train at advanced intervals over a 2 hour span.

Tidal Waves - $95/month

Our second-tier age group will practice 5 days per week. Training design for this group will be more balanced between stroke technique instruction and volume workouts. Dry land exercises will be integrated into the training plan for this group as well. Swimmers in the Tidal Wave group should strive to improve strokes and endurance while honing skills such as race strategy development, pace clock management and refining of start, turn and stroke details.

Prerequisites: Age 10 and up. Proficiency in at least three strokes and ability to train at intermediate intervals over a 2 hour span.

Breakers - $75/month

The third tier age group swimmers will focus primarily on stroke technique development and will have an introduction to volume training. Practices in this group will be offered 4 days per week. Breakers swimmers will also be introduced to light dry land exercising. The goal of these swimmers should be to gain proficiency in any stroke in which is not adequate for legal swimming in competition and improve practice and race endurance. Other areas of focus will include race starts, turn techniques and pace clock management.

Prerequisites: Proficiency in at least two strokes and ability to train over a 1.5 hour span. 

Swells - $65/month

Our entry level competition-based group’s primary focus will be on developing stroke techniques, racing starts and turns. Swimmers in this group will practice 4 days per week. Stroke instruction for these swimmers will be broken down into segments in which the swimmer can comprehend and execute. Endurance building will also be blended into the overall training design. The goals of swimmers in this group should include gaining proficiency in any stroke which is not adequate for legal swimming in competition and practice.

Prerequisite: Ability to swim 2 lengths (50 yards) unassisted and without stopping. 


General Information regarding club Training Groups:

  • Promotions from group to group will be at the sole discretion of the coaching staff. Parents will be consulted when the coaches feel a swimmer is ready for promotion into a higher group. 

  • Parents have the authority to retain their child in their current training group even with coach recommendation for promotion. 

  • Parents of 8th grade swimmers may choose to keep their child in the Tsunami group until the end of the summer season between 8th and 9th grade.