Join us for our Fall lessons & developmental sessions.  New Member Registration & Evaluations @ PHS:

September 5 -- 5:30-6:30    &    September 9 -- 4:30-5:30 


As of 2018, PCA is under contract with Arena for suits and team gear. 






To order suits, shirts, training gear, etc... please use this link:



Required gear for each group:


*Arena PCA Suit *Arena PCA t-shirt *PCA swim cap

*Goggles *Kickboard *Pull Buoy *Fins *Mesh Bag


Arena PCA Suit *Arena PCA t-shirt *PCA swim cap

Goggles *Kickboard *Pull Buoy *Fins *Hand Paddles *Mesh Bag       

Senior Group coach recommended  (not required):

  • Exercise mini-band  (medium to heavy resistance) 
  • Snorkel (brand of your choice) 
  • Aquavolo Dragsox (45 resistance)


*One Piece Suit  *Swim cap *Goggles


Team Caps ($5.00) are kept in stock at the pool. See a coach/board member/gear rep.  for purchasing information.