By-Laws of the Riverside Aquatic Club

(An Indiana not-for-profit Club)

Article I - Name
The name of the organization shall be Riverside Aquatic Club, Inc, duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Indiana as a not-for-profit corporation, whose address is 3413 Jaffery Drive, New Albany, IN 47150, hereinafter referred to as RAC or 'The Club'.

Article II - Purpose and Objectives
The purpose of The Club is to:

1. Promote and encourage competitive swimming throughout the year.

2. To offer youth of the area an opportunity to develop their skills in the sport.

3. Through the sport of competitive swimming, an effort will be made to instill all the beneficial traits so often exhibited by the amateur athlete, i.e. character, leadership and sportsmanship.

4. To create an informed membership that will maximize parent participation and provide funds to enrich the organization.

Article III - Membership
1. Membership shall consist of parents and/or legal guardians of any swimmer whose application for membership has been accepted by the Board of Directors in the form of acceptance of a completed USA Swimming Registration Form. Membership will require timely payment of all fees and acceptance of parent participation requirements according to guidelines issued by the Board.

2. Team membership may be revoked by a majority of the Board of Directors. Grounds for revocation include failing to meet the standards as set forth in the Club Policies, By-Laws, conduct that is detrimental to the Riverside Aquatic Club or its members, poor sportsmanship, or failing to maintain a current financial status.

Article IV - Organization and Management
1. The day to day management of the affairs of the club shall be conducted by the Head Coach, who will act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Club. The CEO will have the authority to hire and fire members of the coaching staff. The CEO is responsible for and has the authority to produce the club program according to the goals developed by the Board and Head Coach in unison. The CEO will be directly responsible to the Board of Directors, who will have the authority to hire and fire the CEO-Head Coach.

The CEO Head Coach is a voting member of the Board of Directors in all matters except those concerning the salary, employment and discipline of the CEO-Head Coach. All other areas of responsibility and authority are defined by the CEO-Head Coach Contract.

2. A Board of Directors, consisting of nine members, including the CEO Head Coach, will develop and oversee the long term goals of the club, assist the CEO-Head Coach in achieving the goals, fundraise on behalf of The Club for the enrichment of the program, create an informed membership, maximize parent participation and represent The Club to the larger community. The Board of Directors may delegate specific duties and responsibilities to coaches, other members, and standing committees.

3. The directors shall serve for a term of two years, with four directors elected in one year and four in the following. These directors will be presented by a nominating committee at the annual Team Banquet and elected by mailed ballot in April. These directors will take office at the August Board Meeting. The incoming board members will be invited to attend the May, June and July meetings. The August meeting will include the previous board. New Board members will be presented at the mandatory Parent meeting in September.

4. Vacancies on the board, including officers, occurring between annual elections, shall be filled by the Board of Directors by majority vote of the remaining Board members. The term of office of the vacancy shall begin immediately and exist until the end of the term.

5. A Board member may be removed from office by a vote of 2/3rds of the board.

6. All members of the Board of Directors, shall serve without any remuneration whatsoever.

7. The Board must have a quorum of 5 members voting to consider a motion.

8. Board members and office may be re-nominated and re-elected at the completion of their tenure on the board without restriction.

9. No member of the Club shall be elected to the Board of Directors unless he or she has been a fully paid member in good standing within the Club for the past twelve months and has met the minimum parent participation requirement as well as any other requirements for membership.

Article V - Election of Officers, Terms and Duties
1. The Board of Directors shall elect the following officers from among its members: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The outgoing President will preside at the August Meeting when these elections occur. These officers shall serve a one year term. They will retain a voice and vote at all meetings of the Board of Directors.

2. The President of the Board serves as Chairman for all Board and Club functions; establishes special committees, appoints committee chairmen from among the Board of Directors; provides overall direction to each Board member and committee to ensure implementation of the goals and objectives of the Board, and performs all related duties necessary to ensure the successful operation of the club.

3. The Vice-President assumes all Presidential duties in the absence of the President; performs all duties deemed necessary by the President, assumes the Presidency in the event that the office becomes vacant and oversees all fund-raising activities.

4. The Secretary shall keep the Records of the Club, conduct all official correspondence, issue notices of meetings and perform such other duties as may be normal for the Office of Secretary.

5. The Treasurer shall oversee all financial records of the Club, handles all payroll and taxes, balances monthly bank statements, and is a standing member of the Ways and Means committee which establishes the yearly budget for the Club. The Treasurer shall also maintain all Club insurance programs, including workman's compensation and office/director liability policies.

Article VI - Committees
1. Each committee shall take charge of matters implied by it's title, and shall make such reports and take such action as may be approved by the Board of Directors and directed by the President.

2. Standing Committees shall be of such number as shall be deemed necessary by the Board. Each committee is chaired by a member of the Board, but need not be composed exclusively of members of the Board if other committee members are also in good standing in the Club. Chairmen are appointed by the President, except as specified below.

a. Fund Raising - The Vice-President shall serve as chairman of the Fund
Raising Committee.
b. Communications - The Secretary shall serve as chairman of this committee.
c. Ways and Means - The Treasurer shall service as chairman of this committee.
d. Competition - A Board member-at-large will serve as chairman of this committee and may also be the Meet Operations Director
e. Nominating Committee - The President shall serve as chairman of this
f. Membership Committee - A Board member-at-large will serve as chairman
of this committee.
g. Recognition Committee - A Board member-at-large will serve as chairman of this committee.

3. Special committees will established by the President as deemed necessary to accomplish the work of the Club.

Article VII - Meetings of the Board
1. The Board of Directors shall meet at regularly scheduled monthly meetings to conduct all business that shall pertain to the Club.

2. The President or a majority of the Board of Directors may call special meetings provided all members of the Board of Directors are given 48 hours notice of said meetings. The 48 hour notice may be verbally waived by individual board members.

3. All meetings of the Board of Directors shall be conducted in accordance with the Rules of Order as contained in Robert's Rules of Order.

Article VIII - Amendments
Additions, deletions or changes to these by-laws will require approval by two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors present at a regularly scheduled or special meeting of the Board of Directors.

Article IX - Dissolution
Upon dissolution, the net assets of the Club must be turned over to Indiana Swimming or other Controlling Board which regulates Amateur Swimming in the Southern Indiana area.