Swim Meet Information

Riverside Aquatic Club is a competitive swim team governed by Indiana Swimming and USA Swimming. We participate in and host meets that follow the rules and regulations of our governing bodies. The most common design for club swim meets includes three days of competition and events designated for swimmers of like ages and gender. Most meets will designate sessions for age groups in order to run the most efficient meet and stay within the time limitations that all teams must follow. A typical meet will have a Friday evening session, a Saturday and Sunday morning session, and a Saturday and Sunday afternoon session. Age groups are usually designated as 8 & Under, 9-10/10 & Under, 11-2, 13-14, and Senior/Open. Swimmers are not allowed to compete in events outside their age groups unless an event is designated as an "& Under" or an "Open" event. Examples of this include an 8 year old being able to swim in a 10 & Under event or a 13 year old being able to swim in an Open event with swimmers 15 and over. Some meets will limit entries to more advanced swimmers but most will be open to everyone.

We encourage our athletes to attend as many meets as possible. Participation in meets allows the swimmer and the coach to assess the effectiveness of training and individual progress. RAC usually attends one meet per month. Once a swimmer has progressed out of the developmental levels (Bronze, Silver, and Gold), there is an expectation that he/she will attend all the meets in which we participate. 

An updated meet schedule is provided at the beginning of each season. When a meet opens for declaratioin, we will send notification to all registered accounts. Parents declare the swimmer for the days he/she will be swimming. Coaches enter swimmers in events. Clicking on the meet link will allow families to read the meet information letter from the host team. The meet information letter includes all of the meet protocol and helpful information that includes directions, travel advisories, hotel and restaurant information, and other items of interest.

Color Meets

Color meets are intersquad "practice" meets for our developmental groups. We run a color meet instead of a regular night of practice and encourage all of our developmental swimmers, especially swimmers new to RAC and competitive swimming, to participate. These practice meets allow for swimmers to learn more about racing and other "real" meet protocol. We record their times in the events we have chosen for the meet and input them in to our database. While they are not official times, these performances allow the swimmers, coaches, and parents to see what improvements are occuring through regular practice. 


Swim Meets: Preparation and Participation

  1. Get a good night sleep the night before a swim meet. Don't have a sleepover with all your pals the night before a meet!
  2. Eat a well-balanced meal that includes protein, carbohydrates, and vitamin-rich vegetable. Stay away from processed foods and foods high in sugar. They will slow you down!
  3. Drink plenty of water and avoid sports drinks. We do not recommend regular sports drink consumption for any of our swimmers. 
  4. Bring heatly snacks. Chips, hot dogs, McDonalds, M&Ms, and all that other yummy stuff doesn't count!
  5. Bring plenty of towels and clothing to stay dry and warm between events. A good rule of thumb is one towel for each event. And, while pool spectator areas are typically warm, pool decks are notoriously cold. Parkas, sweatshirts, sweatpants, flannel pants, and other items that cover all the muscles are necessary. Cold muscles and cramps make for very difficult swimming!
  6. Bring a blanket or mat to spread on the floor of the "camping" area. It is a good idea to bring something to pass the time between events.
  7. Your swimmer's electronic devices are at risk on any pool deck. Aside from the risk of breaking or losing them, they are a HUGE distraction. It is common for swimmers to be so enthralled with a game, social media, or conversation, that they miss an event. Coaches are not responsible for your athletes electronics nor are they able to police the activity at all times. 
  8. We expect all of our swimmers to compete with a RAC team cap.
  9. Cheer for teammates during their swims. Give each other support.
  10. RAC does not leave messes. Clean up after yourselves. The coaches will demand it.

Swim Meet Procedures

  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes before warm-ups begin. Warm-ups are mandatory and ensure the swimmers are properly prepared to compete.
  2. Some meets will require swimmers to sing in (positive check in) when they arrive. Your athlete will highlight his/her name on the sign in sheets posted by the host team. The coaches are not responsible for signing your swimmer in for the meet. We will take attendance from our sheets and remind the swimmers to go sign in if they have not. Failure to sign in will result in a swimmer being scratched from the meet and we are not always able to get them back in to the meet. 
  3. Make sure you and your swimmer know what events he/she is entered in for the meet. Once an athelete is entered in events by his/her coach, the events will show up on your Team Unify account home page. Write them on a sheet of paper. Use a Sharpie and write the events on their arm or leg. We usually don't know heat and lane assignments before a meet starts but it is helpful if the swimmer already know their events. We will give them their heat and lane. 
  4. Listen for your child's events to be called. Send your child to the Clerk of Course, if it is available, on the first call for an event. Clerk of Course is typically for 8 & Under swimmers but, 10 & Unders may also be included at some meets. 
  5. Swimmers are expected to report to their coach, or any of the availabe coaches, for a post-swim review. Please help them to remember to do that.
  6. Always check with your coach before leaving for the day. Your child may be entered into a relay at the last minute.
  7. Official times and results are usually posted within 30 minutes of the race. These are the times that will be entered in to our database. Descrepencies will be handled by the coaching staff. Parents are not allowed to approach officials about times.
  8. Swimmers are expected to follow the directions of any Riverside coach at all times.  Not all coaches will be at all meets so prepare your swimmer if you know their coach will not be there that day. Coaches will do the same.  
  9. Relays are formed by the coaches and at the discretion of the coaches. 

We discourage swimmers from attending meets outside of those listed on our meet schedule.  We put a lot of thought into our meet schedule and the reasons we choose one meet over another, looking at the needs of the team as a whole. Coaches are not sent to any meet outside of our schedule and the hosting teams must find other teams or coaches to supervise your swimmer. More importantly, it puts the parent in the position of being the “coach”, giving feedback and critiquing swims. Please refer to “your role as a parent” in the Team Handbook as to why this is not appropriate. 

RAC Policy on Performance Suits

The "fastskin" body suit by Speedo, or similar suits by other manufacturers, is not appropriate for age group competition and, in fact, these suits are not designed to be worn more that a few times before the fibers begin to break down and become ineffective.  These suits were developed for the "elite" level of competition, to be put on just before racing and taken off immediately afterward to be dried.

The bigger issue is a mental issue.  Our coaches believe that it is detrimental to a young swimmer to believe that they improved their time or made a cut, simply because they were wearing a performance suit. There is a time and place for performance level suits and, in general, it is not in Age Group Swimming. 

RAC policy is that these suits can only be worn by 13 and overs at championship level meets, with the special permission of their coach.  Please discuss this policy with your swimmers coach if you have further questions.


*If you need help with any of the above information, or have questions, please contact any Board Member of the Club or your coach.