Riverside Aquatic Club

Practice Rules

We are guests in the pool. Abuse of school property or loud and boisterous behavior in the locker rooms will not be tolerated.

  1. East a small, healthy, carb-loaded snack before practice.  Try to eat a protein within 30-45 minutes following practice.
  2. Arrive at practice 10 minutes early and be ready to get in the water when your practice time begins.
  3. Go to the restroom before practice begins.
  4. Swimmers arriving for practice should sit on the bleachers and wait for instructions. Do not fool around in the hallways. Do not enter the pool until directed by the coach.
  5. Make sure you have all equipment as determined by the coach of your group.
  6. Wear a hat in the cold weather.
  7. Bring a bottled water to place at end of lane if your practice lasts over one hour.
  8. Be courteous and supportive of your lane mates and team members. Any swimmer who disrupts another swimmer's workout will be asked to sit out for the rest of the practice.
  9. Help the coach with lane lines and equipment before and after practice.
  10. Never leave the practice area without telling the coach unless you are with your parents or the person taking you home.
  11. Because of insurance and liability, we are no longer allowed to use the diving boards at any of our practices. No swimmer is allowed to be on a diving board at any time for any reason during practice.
  12. Practice schedules may change due to HS meets or pool breakdowns. Check your email regularly for any changes to practices times and days.
  13. No practice on days when the schools are closed for holidays or bad weather. We will have practice over Christmas break, to be announced.  Again check emails for reminders.
  14. Make sure you pick up all your gear, water bottles and anything else laying on the deck. Do not leave junk in the locker rooms. Be respectful of the facilities that we get to use.