2020-2021 Riverside Aquatic Club Fees


 Team Fees 

 USA Registration Fees

  1. $81.00 per swimmer for Annual Registration

 Administration Fees

  1. $25.00 Activation Fee per swimmer max $50 per family


 Group Fees 

 Senior Group 

Senior session fees are for Fall, Spring and Summer:

The Fall session for Senior swimmers runs from September through the championship meets in March. The Spring sessions runs  through April and May. The Summer session runs through June and July.  Fees are due in full at the beginning of each session. Swimmers will not be allowed to participate until fees are paid or arrangements are made with our Business Manager.


 Bronze, Silver, Gold, Blue, Senior Prep 2 and Senior Prep 1 Groups 

RAC payment method:

Ten monthly payments are required via automatic deduction from your credit card or bank card/checking account. Automatic payments will be deducted the 1st of every month. These automatic payments will start September 1st and posted on the first of each month  thereafter; with the exceptions of March and August.


Training Fees

Bronze $800.00 = $80.00 x  10 payments
Silver $900.00 = $90.00 x 10 payments
Gold $950.00 = $95.00 x 10 payments
Blue $1,115.00 = $115.00 x 10 payments
Senior Prep 2 $1,050.00 = $105.00 x 10 payments 
Senior Prep 1 $1,250.00 =  $125.00 x 10 payments
Senior $275.00 per session; Fall, Spring and Summer = $825.00

If you choose to become inactive during the Fall/Winter session, you must inform us through email by the 25th of the month prior or you will be charged for the next month.  There will be a $25.00 reactivation fee.  


Riverside Aquatic Club offers reduced membership fees to new and returning swimmers based on demonstrated need.   In order to qualify for a reduced fee, your child must be eligible to participate in the federal free and reduced lunch program.  Reduced membership fees are available on a first come first serve basis and proof of eligibility will be required.  Please email Liz Mueller, our Business Manager at; [email protected] for further information or if you have any questions about RAC fees.