2018-2019 Riverside Aquatic Club Fees

Team Fees

- USA Registration Fees:

$66.00 per swimmer for Annual Registration

$37.00 for Seasonal Registration April through July

- Admin Fees:

$85.00 per family for all swimmers

$35.00 per family for those joining April through July

-  Fundraising Fee: $60.00 Fundraising Fee  

Group Fees

Senior Groups

Senior Session fees are for Fall, Spring and Summer.  The Fall Session for HS and Seniors extends from September through the State Meets in March. Spring Session is April and May and Summer Session is June and July.  Fees are due in full at the beginning of each session. Swimmers will not be allowed to participate until fees are paid or arrangements are made with Business Manager

Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold, Blue, Junior and Senior Prep Groups

RAC offers two payment methods.  

#1 is pay for the session, in full, with a check or online using credit card or e-check.

#2 is breaking the session into the payment plan offered below.  If you choose this option, payments must be set up for automatic deduction from your credit card or checking account.  Those automatic payments will start Sept 1 and  be taken the first of each month through Feb, and then again in April and May.  No payment will be taken in March.

Summer session fees apply only for those who have not paid the 8 monthly payments.

Training Fees

Bronze $640.00 = $80.00 x 8 payments
Copper $680.00 =  $85.00 x 8 payments
Silver $720.00 =  $90.00 x 8 payments 
Gold $760.00 =  $95.00 x 8 payments 
Blue $920.00 =  $115.00 x 8 payments   
Senior Prep $1,000.00 =  $125.00 x 8 payments
Senior $265.00 per session; Fall, Spring and Summer = $795.00

If you choose to become inactive during the Fall/Winter session, you must inform us through email prior to the end of the month in which you are leaving or the next months fees will be charged. There will be a $25.00 reactivation fee.