2020 RAC Challenge Swim Fundraiser
Meet the Challenge!!
NOV 30
Time: 5:00 PM
EIN: 35-1633899
Highland Hills Middle School & New Albany High School
Liz Mueller Email
It's time for the 2020 Riverside Aquatic Club, CHALLENGE SWIM!!! As our teams first fundraiser we have set a goal for each swimmer to raise $200. This money is used in conjunction with dues to cover operational costs and provide programming for our RAC families. We appreciate all efforts to meet our goals!

Here is the link to our Challenge Swim Store by Kratz Sporting Goods.


Happy Fundraising!
Participants | Rank 0/134
$500.00 Lexi Guilford
$375.00 Patrick Carlyle
$300.00 Alexa Stapp
$178.00 Mia Johnsen
$178.00 Lexi Johnsen
Top Roster (amount)
$575.00 Gold 1
$480.00 Silver 1
$300.00 Blue
$178.00 Silver 2
$178.00 Gold 2