Riverside Aquatics Club Lessons

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Level 1 Swimming

​A beginner swimmer, potentially fearful or hesitant of the water. They are reluctant to put face in the water, and needs help with water acclimation.

Level 2 Swimming 

​The swimmer is now more comfortable in the water, but is not yet swimming independently. They may be able to dog paddle a few feet, and will need help learning proper swimming techniques, and making it on their own.

Level 3 Swimming
Swimmer is able to swim on their own for several feet, but isn't breathing to the side, and needs help with basic freestyle and backstroke. They also need practice swimming with their face in the water, and may also be swimming some breaststroke.
Level 4 Swimming

The swimmer is able to swim on their own for the length of the pool. They are able to breathe to the side, and is also able to swim backstroke. They also know some breaststroke kick and butterfly kick.

Level 5 Swimming

The swimmer is competent in the water and has knowledge and skills in all 4 strokes. Level 5 swimmers will gain stronger skills in butterfly. They may need some refinement on making strokes completely legal, practicing flipturns, and doing proper wall touches. This level is preparation for swim team.


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