Riverside Aquatics Club Lessons

Welcome to Riverside Aquatic Club's Lesson Registration platform! The registration process is simple for both new and returning families. You'll get access to your own private account to view/edit your contact information and current and past class histories. Please direct all questions to Jessica Sowers at 757-359-5658, or riversideswimschool@gmail.com. 


First, please use this Level Guide when determining class placement for your child

Level 1     Level 2                         Level 3 Level 4           Level 5

-Hesitant, but will enter water with assistance.

-Needs acclimation to water; face-in-air exchange

-Needs to learn floatation and kicking

-Beginner swimmer

-Will enter water without assistance

-Able to exchange air

-Able to float with/without assistance for a short time

-Able to kick/propel body (dog paddle) for short distance

-Attempts to tread water

-Floats unassisted; stomach and back

-Able to kick with/without board; stomache and back

-Propels body through  water with basic freestyle/backstroke

-Needs instruction of proper breathing/side breathing

-Able to tread water unassisted for less than 1 minute 

-Swims freestyle with proper breathing

-Swims backstoke for extended distance

-Able to execute some butterfly and breaststroke kick

-Able to tread water unassisted for 1 minute

-Able to execute kick and pull of all strokes

-Stroke refinement is appropriate

-Able to demonstrate basic starts and turns

-Able to read water for one minute or longer

-Placement on team is the goal




















Registration is now open below. Below you will find classes for the April and May sessions!