A Welcome Message to Parents

We are very happy that your family is part of the Riverside Aquatic Club. Over the years countless families have contributed to and benefited from the experience of swimming for Riverside. As your Board of Directors, we are firmly committed to ensuring that your experience is a rewarding one. The fitness benefits for regular participants are obvious, but anyone who has been involved in swimming for a very long time can claim other benefits as well.

Swimmers are truly remarkable individuals. They are able to balance the demands of academics, practices and meets and still find time to be well-rounded individuals. They learn to set goals for themselves and then go about achieving them. Ultimate success is found, not in individual goals, but the changes wrought by involvement in the process. The lessons learned and the discoveries made in competitive swimming can be applied to many aspects of adult life.

Swimmers and coaches are by no means the only people necessary for the smooth operation of a swim club. Parents need to be factored into the equation as well. Without adequate family involvement the best conceived swim clubs are doomed to failure. If all of us do our part, we'll be successful, we'll have fun and the kids will benefit. As we enter an exciting new season, lets all be aware of the contributions we can make to the swim family here at Riverside Aquatic Club.