Riverside Aquatic Club, Inc.

Parent Handbook

Revised and printed August 2007

Riverside Aquatics Club, Inc., is a not-for-profit corporation organized under the statutes of the State of Indiana.

Vision Statement
To provide a positive and productive swimming experience for participants at all skill levels. To allow participants to develop the competitive spirit, strengthen pride and develop character through disciplined effort. To help our swimmers develop physically, socially and emotionally in a healthy, fun atmosphere.

Mission Statement
"To enhance our athletes' lives now…..and for a lifetime."

This mission statement for Riverside Aquatic Club is rooted in the following core values:
-Desire to compete and excel
-Pride in our team and a job well done
-Respect for one another
-Commitment to excellence

Scope of Handbook
This handbook is provided to members, their families, and the general public as a simple set of guidelines regarding how Riverside Aquatic Club, Inc. works and operates.   Please feel free to explore the links located at the left for further information.