Indiana Swimming
Level 1

Weekly Announcements for Week of 11/10-11/16

John VanDriessche
Dear SBSC families,

Practice Schedule

RHS Practice Groups

Group 1: Tuesday and Wednesday 6:00-7:30
G1 Elite: Monday 5:15-7:30

Group 2: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 5:15-7:30, and Friday 5:00-6:30
Group 3: Next scheduled practice in February

NPHS Practice Groups (all times for NP are CST)
Group 1: Monday and Tuesday 6:00-7:30
Group 2:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 5:15-7:30

Group 3: Next scheduled practice in February

Practice Notes:   NP families please make sure to use the main doors when entering the building at NPHS.  No practice on Thursday at Riley due to a high school meet.  All Group 2 swimmers  attending practice on Friday are reminded to bring dry-land clothes including running shoes.
I was recently informed by two different parents who sent me emails and I never received them.  One was responding to the weekly email and the other was were the "Contact Us" button found on our web page.  I have a message into our website host technical team to see if there is a solution to this.  But, until the issue is resolved please use my email address of to contact me.  Do not reply to the weekly emails or use the "Contact Us" function from the website.  I do try to respond to all emails within the first 24 hours.  To be safe, if have not responded in that amount of time follow up with text message (574)276-6057.
Riley Boys Swimming
If you are the parent of the Riley Boys Swim team we will be having our parent meeting in one of the classrooms across the hall from the pool locker rooms tomorrow , Monday the 11th at 6:00 PM

CON Skypoint Transit Invitational

I will be posting the results and updating the pertinent pages on our website as soon as the results file is sent.

Elkhart Invitational November November 23rd & 24th
Our entry has been sent but I will be sending an update tomorrow morning after I receive the results file from this weekend's meet.  If you would like to be added to the meet but missed the deadline please send me an email sometime today.  I will include all pertinent information in next week's email.
DUNE Rumble in the Region 12/14 and IA Tim Welsh Invite 1/3-5
The deadline for committing to these meets is tonight, Sunday November 10th.  We would like all of our high school swimmers to compete in the IA meet.  They will need a waiver from the IHSAA to compete without penalty.  Each school's athletic director does this from a portal the IHSAA creates for each school.
The IA meet in January is named for the long time Notre Dame head coach Tim Welsh.  Coach Welsh is currently battling pancreatic cancer.  IA will be hosting a fundraiser in conjunction with the meet.  IA will have more information as we get closer to the meet.
Go Swim TV/ Pass/OnDeck
Go Swim TV-the club purchased a membership from this site for our swimmers. The goal is to put up a video every day or so for swimmers to help with their technique.  To sign-up they'll need an email address.  Use this link:

College Swimming-Earlier this season I was contacted by a college coach who was interested in one of our swimmers.  He was asking for information about this athlete because they had not yet filled out their profile on the website.  I was unaware of this service they offered.  The basic profile is free and could possibly be the first introduction your swimmer has to a college coach.  If your athlete has even the slightest interest in swimming beyond high school take advantage of this free service.  Any age swimmer can start a profile.  There will be limited recruiting features available until their sophomore year.  I have uploaded all of our meet results from the previous two years and will continue to do so as we compete in the future.  I hope we can use this site to leverage more opportunities for SBSC athletes to continue their swimming careers beyond their time with us.

Deck Pass app-USA Swimming offers an app for it's members.  You should have received an email invitation to join.  Here is what USA Swimming highlights about the app.

Earning digital patches by achieving a best time or a qualifying standard
Setting goals and utilizing visualization tools to follow their progress
Track their best times and meet participation
Lastly, swimmers can connect to their friends and follow along with each others accomplishments, providing a fun, supportive environment.

When we change to our new website next month you will also be able to access the Deck Pass from our website.  Currently it is just a mobile app available with iOS operating systems.  Here is a link that explains the app in more detail.

OnDeck app-this is an app is a must for all of our families.  An invitation has been sent to all families.  This app ties directly to our website and is very user friendly.  You can declare for meets, volunteer for jobs, check your account status, and anything else you can do from the website.

Spirit Wear
Yea, I know.  Just as frustrated as you are.  I did receive a rough draft of the order form on Friday evening. Hopefully, this means we are actually getting closer.

New USA Swimming Guidelines-MAAPP
USA Swimming issued a directive with regards to electronic communication and social media contact between coaches and athletes.  Most of what is being implemented is common sense and falls in line with our club's policies.  One new requirement we will need to adhere to is how your minor child communicates with me.  For several years I have asked swimmers in Group 2 and Group 3 to text/email me if they would be missing practice.  Moving forward, swimmers will be instructed to include a parent on all communication with me.

If you are the parent of a Group 2 or Group 3 swimmer, and have never sent me a text before, please text me so I have your contact info in my phone.  This way if I need to contact your swimmer about missing practice I can be sure to include you.  My cell phone number is 574-276-6057.

I encourage all parents and swimmers to read the full policy.  We are required to keep this policy on our website, here is the link

Fall and Winter Meet Schedule/Dates of Meet/Location/Deadline to commit
Below is our fall/winter meet schedule. The first date listed is the day(s) of the meet and second date is the deadline to commit. Swimmers wanting to compete will need to commit to those meets.  The deadlines are based on deadlines that were set last year (or best guess for new meets). They may change once the meet hosts posts the meet information.  When committing to multiple day meets please if the option to select the days you want is not available, please leave a message in the available notes section of the specific days you would like to attend. Meets marked with an * are meets that require swimmers to meet certain time standards.  All pool locations can be found on our website under the "Pools" tab

Intra Squad Meet-
NCISC Fall Sprint Meet--
Dual Vs. CON--
CON Great Lakes Meet/ November 8th-10th/Elkhart Aquatic Center/entry sent
ELK Invitational/ November 23rd & 24th/Elkhart Aquatic Center/entry sent
Maple City Classic/ December 7th and 8th/Laporte High School/entry sent
DUNE Rumble in the Region/ December 14th/Chesterton High School/ Tonight Sunday November 10th
IA TW Invite/ January 3rd-5th/Rolfs Aquatic Center, Notre Dame/ Tonight Sunday November 10th
CON IMXtreme Challenge/ January 24th-26th/Concord High School/ December 8th
NCISC Winter Championships/ February 15th/Riley High School/ February 9th
CON Last Chance/ February 28th- March 1st/Concord High School/ January 26th
*IN Divisonals/ March 6th-8th/Lake Central High School/ February 16th
*IN Age Senior State/ March 13th-15th/IUPUI/ March 1st
*IN Age Group State. March 20th-22nd/IUPUI/ March 1st
*Speedo Sectionals/ March 26th-29th/Elkhart Aquatic Center/ March 1st

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

John VanDriessche
Head Coach
South Bend Swim Club
South Bend Riley High School