Indiana Swimming
Level 1

Weekly Announcements for Week of 9/12-9/18

John VanDriessche
Dear SBSC families,
Practice Schedule
Riley HS
Group 1  Tuesday and  Thursday 6:00-7:00
G1 Elite  Wednesday 5:30-7:00
Group 2  MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday 5:30-7:00, and  Friday 5:00-6:30
Group 3 AM  Tuesday 5:30-6:45 AM
Group 3 PM  Monday  TuesdayWednesdayThursday 3:45-5:30, and  Friday 3:45-5:15
New Prairie HS 
Group 1  Wednesday and  Thursday 6:00-7:00 CST
Group 2  MondayTuesdayWednesday, and  Thursday 4:30-6:00 CST
Group 3  MondayTuesdayWednesday, and  Thursday 4:30-6:15 CST
Practice Notes: We will be offering a Group 3 morning workout this week.  We plan to add another next week and a third the following week.  Then we hope to offer three each week until the high school season starts.
NP Group 1 swimmers and parents continue to use door N17.  NP Group 2 and 3 swimmers and parents should use door N18.  Parents are welcome to stay to watch practice and masks are optional.
Riley families please use door #22.  For our new families this is the door on the north west corner of the building and faces Fellows Street. If you are planning on staying to watch practice there is a stairwell that is adjacent to this door and this will lead you to the seating area.  Everyone choosing to stay to watch practice  must be wearing a mask and social distance while in the seating gallery.  
Parent Meetings
Due to our Group 1 numbers at Riley I would like to push the proposed dates of our parent meetings to a week later.  With 3 new coaches this season we are still trying to find the best fit our swimmers and coaches. I feel it's best if I remain on deck this week to help with the organization.  The tentative date for Riley is now 9-21 and New Prairie is 9-23.
If you have questions that need to be answered before the meetings please do not hesitate to email or call.
Thank you to everyone who turned in the paperwork this week. There up to 3 pieces of paperwork we need.  The first from  every swimmer, new or returning, is the USA Swimming form and is attached.  If you are new to the team we will also need a copy of your swimmers birth certificate.  If during registration you clicked yes to the question for the Outreach Swimmer program we will need a letter from your child's school stating they qualify for the free/reduced lunch program.
The best way to get me these document is to email them to me directly at  [email protected].  This is for both Riley and New Prairie athletes.  
Just Add H2O
Our team vendor is Just Add H2O.  They are a locally owned swim shop located near the corner of SR 23 and Ironwood, across the street from 1st Source Bank.  If you are in need of any swimming related gear they will be able to take care of you.
Swimming Apps
For all of our new families there are two apps that you will want to get for your phone.  The first is the OnDeck app.  This app is free and is tied directly to our website. It is incredibly useful and you will be able to do everything you do one our website.  The second app is Meet Mobile.  There is a small yearly fee but well worth it.  This is the app most swim parents use when attending meets.  It can serve as a heat sheet, list your swimmers events, and keeps track of their final times and places.
Fall/Winter Meet Schedule
You can find the initial offerings of our meet schedule  by clicking here.  We were unable to arrange meets in October with ELK or CON.  We did add an additional meet at the end of October in Warsaw.  We will be adding more meets and our schedule will be finalized by the end of the week.
Lifeguarding/Assisting with Group 1 and Group 2
The last several years we have had a 4 hour volunteer requirement for our Group 3 swimmers.  We have previously not enforced this but with such large numbers we will be this season.  Starting  tomorrow your Group 3 swimmers will be able to sign up to help with either lifeguarding or acting as an "assistant" with Group 1 or 2.  We also still have several of the swimmers who took our lifeguarding class last fall not finish their 10 hours of volunteering.  It helps the club considerably more to have those swimmers fulfill their commitment as opposed to billing those families for the class.  
Swim A Thon
You should have a received an introductory email earlier  this morning with some basic information about the Swim-A-Thon. We are scheduled for  Saturday  October 23rd.   This year we are requiring all families to raise at least $75.  This is a per family requirement, not per swimmer.  If a family does not meet that threshold they will be billed the difference.   We will also be offering incentives for swimmers as well.  Our team goal is to raise $10,000.  An email with instructions on how to get started will be sent first thing tomorrow morning.
GoSwim Team Education Plan
We are starting a new program this year.  Our hope is to access the power and the resources of the GoSwim library.  Literally, thousands of videos on stroke technique will be just a click away for our swimmers.  We will also plan to video and store our swimmers strokes so we can track their development season to season and year to year.  We also hope this helps our coaches identify areas of technique we need to improve upon.  This will be $10 charge for each swimmer and will be billed on October 1.  Here is a promotional flyer distributed by GoSwim for those looking for more information.
USA Swimming Guidelines-MAAPPUSA
USA Swimming issued a directive with regards to electronic communication and social media contact between coaches and athletes.  Most of what is being implemented is common sense and falls in line with our club's policies.  One new requirement we will need to adhere to is how your minor child communicates with me.  For several years I have asked swimmers in Group 2 and Group 3 to text/email me if they would be missing practice.  Moving forward, swimmers will be instructed to include a parent on all communication with me.

If you are the parent of a Group 2 or Group 3 swimmer, and have never sent me a text before, please text me so I have your contact info in my phone.  This way if I need to contact your swimmer about missing practice I can be sure to include you.  My cell phone number is  574-276-6057.
  I encourage all parents and swimmers to read the full policy.  We are required to keep this policy on our website,  here is the link.
As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
John VanDriessche
Head Coach
South Bend Swim Club
South Bend Riley High School