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NASA TYR/Technical Suit Policy


The following outlines the Northridge Area Swimming Association’s policy pertaining to the club’s sponsorship with TYR and the purchasing of technical suits.


TYR Sponsorship


Currently NASA is under contract with TYR. For our members that means a few things. First of which at all competitions NASA swimmers should be in TYR gear only. This includes suits, caps, parkas and warm‐ups. Team suits and caps are already TYR products. By abiding by these contract rules TYR gives our members discounts on technical suits based on their level of qualification, as well as discounts to the club. For any question pertaining to the sponsorship please contact Coach Keller.


Technical Suit Policy


NASA members will need to abide by the following technical suit policy to compete. First and foremost all technical suits and caps MUST BE TYR products NO EXCEPTIONS. The decision for a swimmer to wear a technical suit is the responsibility of the coach.


TYR Fusions

  • Can be worn by any age swimmer once they have achieved a AA time standard.
  • NASA will provide a fusion as an award for achieving a first time AA in an age group. The fusion NASA would provide for a male would be a racer. If you would prefer a knee suit you would need to pay the difference to purchase the knee suit. This is not an option for females.
  • All fusion decisions should be discussed with the swimmer’s coach prior to purchase or competition


Technical Suits

  • 12 & unders are not allowed to wear any technical suit with the exception being a TYR fusion once the swimmer has achieved a AA time standard which then can be worn at championship level meets.
  • 13 & Over Individual state qualifiers will be permitted to wear a TYR technical suit at the state championship or a higher qualification meet.
  • Performance caps (dome caps) will be permitted at the senior level only.
  • All technical suit and performance cap decisions are at the discretion of the coach and should be discussed with the coach prior to the swimmer purchasing either.