Indiana Swimming
Level 1

Tech Suit Policy

(Implemented Fall 2015

Updated for Fall 2017)

SBSC Coaching Staff philosophy

Our staff firmly believes tech suits have a very limited place in Age Group swimming. We believe hard work, great technique, and excellent practice and meet attendance is far more important to a swimmer’s success.   Tech suits were originally designed for world class athletes and we as the swimming community have been duped into believing swimmers need high dollar suits to have fast swims at any age.   We know this is not the case

SBSC Tech Suit Tenets

  1. Our policy will evolve over time and may change each season.  Any changes will be made at the beginning of a season and will be communicated to our families.  It will also be one of our documents requiring a digital signature during our-online registration.
  2. Group 1 swimmers (all 10 and unders) regardless of ability or achievement will not be permitted to compete in a tech suit.
  3. Swimmers ages 11-12 may wear a tech suit if they are swimming at the state championship meet or higher.  They will not be permitted to wear tech suits at any in season meet for any reason.
  4. Swimmers ages 13 and over will be allowed to compete in tech suits if they meet the following conditions
    1. Must have met at least one Divisional time standard in their age group
    2. Have better then 80% attendance at scheduled practices
    3. Must have head coach permission
  5. Swimmers 13 and over may be able to wear tech suits during in-season (non-taper meets) if there is a compelling reason.  Any time achieved while wearing a tech suit will not be used to determine relays for championship meets
  6. All decisions made by the coaching staff will be done on an individual basis.  No two swimmers are alike and no two situations will be the same regardless of the number of similarities they may have.
  7. Violation of this policy may result in scratching of any remaining events of the meet.  Violations will require a meeting of the parent(s) and swimmer before entry into any subsequent meets.