Families are asked to work a minimum of EIGHT sessions/job slots during our hosted meets this season.  Each family will be charged a service fee of $100 upon registration for the team.  Once the 8 sessions have been completed, the service fee will be credited back to your account. At the end of the season, refunds for this fee will be issued via check upon request.  The amount will not be prorated for those who worked 1-7 sessions.  The fee will not carry over from one season to the next unless you leave it as a credit on your account.  The fee is non-refundable for families who leave the team prior to the end of the season.

Team Support sign-up will be done through the SCSC website.  An email will be sent to all club families indicating the start of sign-ups for each meet at least one month prior to the meet date. 

IF you know you have a conflict on a meet weekend or are unable to provide team support during the season, there are other ways to satisfy the six sessions.  Some options are:

  • Trade sessions with another family (post a note on the bulletin board or talk to other parents at practice; you may find a family that can’t work a meet you can & you can trade sessions)
  • Hire a teenager (15 years old or older), or find one looking to fulfill community service requirement for their school or other group.
  • Ask another family who works more than the 6 sessions if they would be willing to donate one or more of theirs to your family.


Why Provide Team Support?

That’s a great question.

SCSC is a non-profit organization, and pools cost more to maintain than fields of grass.

It’s obvious, but sometimes we forget that little detail. We have a fantastic facility - if you’ve traveled to other pools you’ve seen firsthand how few facilities exist in the state of Indiana that compare with the CAC. The size of our pool allows us to run 10 short-course lanes simultaneously, which allows us to host larger meets and attract larger clubs. Unlike other sports, club participation in meets is completely optional. The teams that come to our pool to compete are there because they chose to be there. Hosting meets in Crawfordsville means less out-of-town travel for you, but requires your participation to be successful.

The people that "run" this club are parents just like you. Some of us have children swimming on the team while others don’t. Either way, we are people who give our time so that the children in our community can partcipate in a competitive swim program. The funds collected pay for such things as our use of the pool and associated equipment and staff, food and beverages for our team events, and the awards we provide at home meets. Our use of the CAC pool represents the single largest cost to SCSC, but we enjoy a very low cost relative to other clubs, particularly those in Indianapolis. It’s our ability to host meets at the CAC that provides most of the funding to pay for pool usage. Without home meets, team dues would be significantly higher.

It takes MANY people to run a swim meet.

But how many? Lets do some quick math:

  • Announcer, computer operator, timing system, runner, scorer

= (5) positions

  • Concessions, hospitality, awards

= (6) positions

  • Clerk of Course

= (2) positions

  • Head Timer, timers for 10 lanes (2 per lane)

= (21) positions


= 34 positions

  • Number of sessions per meet

= (5) sessions

Grand Total:

= 170 positions per meet

You can’t be a non-participant.

Swimming is an individual sport that requires participation at multiple levels. As a club, we know we compete for your time with other sports that generally require less commitment from you, the parent. We also believe that swimming provides an entirely different competitive experience than other, more team-oriented sports, and allows the individual a greater opportunity to see personal improvement and experience earned success. Because of our facility and the caliber of our athletes, competitors come from across the state (and sometimes from other states) to compete at our meets. Our skill and hospitality have earned us the right to host championship events right here in Crawfordsville.

We try to make it easy. We really do.

While we believe its your duty to support your swim club, we also realize you have many demands other than swimming. (We do, too.) We try to structure our meets so that any volunteer can take a few minutes away to watch their child swim. This year we’re making an extra effort to train new parents on some of the more technical positions like the computer operator, scorer, and timing system operator. We want you to feel comfortable supporting your club and working with other parents, while at the same time gaining a better understanding and appreciation of your child’s sport.

We value your input - If you have an idea on how to make the club better, please contact a board member or coach!