Tri West Swim Club (TRIW) is a not-for-profit organization with a parent board.

It is a competitive swim program affiliated with USA Swimming.

Our mission is to be an inclusive swim program that provides youth and adults the opportunity to enhance their physical, mental and social development in and outside the pool in a fun, structured, and supportive environment.

Our Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members. The Board of Directors will be elected at the start of each Short Course Season, dependent upon when the individual terms expire.

The Head Coach and the Board work together to ensure the club’s financial stability and continued growth.

All training group swimmers are required to be members of USA Swimming, consisting of a Short Course Season from August to March and Long Course Season from April to August.











Our certified USA Swimming coaches will evaluate the swimmers for placement in each level based on the swimmers ability and endurance level.

Swimmers must be five (5) years old or older and able to swim the length of the pool in freestyle. 

Please plan on approximately 30 minutes to complete the process and sometimes longer, if there is a large group of new swimmers.

Our Board members will be on hand to help with any registration questions.

USA  Swimming requires a copy of all swimmers birth certificates.

All registration is available on the team web site.


USA Swimming membership fees and registration fees are due for each season when you register.

Training group fees can be paid in full for a discount, or can be paid in installments per the respective payment plan. 

Multiple swimmer discounts are available. All discounts will be available during the first month of registration.

Swimmers may start swimming at anytime during the season. Fees will be prorated for the remaining months. Membership and registration fees still apply.

Membership fees must be kept current. If a swimmer’s account becomes delinquent, he or she will not be allowed to attend practice sessions until all fees are current.  Delinquency occurs when an account is more than one (1) month past due.


The practice facility is at Tri West High School.

A monthly schedule will be posted to to reflect practice times and meets.

In the event of inclement weather, please use your best judgment.

There is no practice when the North West Hendricks School Corporation is cancelled due to bad weather.

Check the practice schedule on the club website often.

Attendance to practice is not mandatory for swimmers.  The swimmers can come as often as they would like.

Non-swimmers, including parents, are not allowed on the pool deck due to safety and liability issues.

If you need to speak with your swimmer’s group coach, please wait until after practice.

Tri West High School has been gracious to allow us to use their facility, please do not allow children to be left unsupervised in the stands or allow them to play in the hallways.


If you have a specific training question, please ask your swimmer’s group coach.

If you have a question or concern regarding the swim club or the coaching staff, please ask one of the Board members.


Swimmers have the opportunity to compete in USA Swimming Meets.  It is a great opportunity to race against the clock and other competitors. Swimmers gain experience in racing in individual events and team events.

If your swimmer is in the White group, please discuss with your swimmer’s coach to determine when he or she is ready for a meet. You will be able to sign your swimmer up for meets on our web site. Reach out to a Board member or Coach should you need assistance with this process.


The Tri West Swim Club is run by a parent Board of volunteers. Our program could not run without volunteers; which is only possible when our parents are actively involved. 

There will be many opportunities to volunteer, such as  sub-committees, fundrasiers, sponsorships, hosting meets, and more. We hope you take the opportunity to help us grow this great program!


The Tri West Swim Club will be offering swim lessons from time to time.

In the summer, lessons will be Monday-Thursday for two consecutive weeks. Each session will consist of a total of eight (8) 30 minute, private or semi-private lessons. You can sign up for as many sessions as you would like.

The Tri West Swim Club will also offer diving lessons. Diving lessions are one (1) day a week for two (2) hours for a one (1) month. 

Please check our web site for information regarding swim and/or dive lessons.

There are no Registration or USA Swimming fees with any swimming or diving lessons.

Please pay for lessons in full at the beginning of every session.


Masters is an 18 year old and up, adult swim program which provides adults the opportunity to improve strokes while improving their aerobic capacity.

Masters is offered two (2) days a week for 1 ½ hours. During this time frame, you are welcome to swim for 30 minutes or utilize the full 1 1/2 hour. You can come and swim anytime during the alotted time frame.

There are no registration or USA Swimming fees with the Masters program.

It is a monthly program and you will be charged for the first month when signing up on our website.  Each month thereafter, you will automatically be charged on the 1st of each month.