"Unlocking the passion for success in swimmers that lead them to achieve their goals in the water and in life."

UTSC Coaching Philosophy: Have fun, be positive, work hard 

Our 3 rules for practice are: have fun, be positive, and work hard. Fun doesn't necessarily mean that we are always playing games and not training. FUN is being challenged in new ways, rising to the challenges, persevering through and beating the challenges. As coaches, our goal is to make every set in a workout have a purpose. Whether that purpose is time focused or skill focused, we don't want our swimmers to be swimming mindless yardage (distance).

*Mindless swimming = boring swimming. Mindless yardage without purpose and mechanical instruction = injury and/or burnout.*

Goal Setting:
In any sport, it's hard to measure and achieve successes without setting a goal. That's why we set a lot of goals - they're our drivers and motivators. And not only do we achieve these goals, we recognize them in front of the whole team. This way, every Typhoon, regardless of age or skill level, is seen and supported for their personal achievements! Our athletes learn quickly there's no bigger reward than a true sense of accomplishment.

Our coaching motto is ABC - 'Always Be Coaching', in all situations and for all skill levels. Swimming is a sport of bio-mechanical repetition; it's hard to break habits, but more importantly we want to keep these bad habits from developing. With four instructors often on deck at practice, our coach-to-swimmer ratios are excellent! We are always coaching (and correcting), but we are also always learning, whether that be from professional coaching clinics, books, or even from other coaches. 

Along with the life skill of goal setting, we teach the importance of sportsmanship. Typhoons are friendly and we congratulate our competitors! Typhoons pride themselves on being great meet hosts and we make our guests feel welcome at our pool! We also respect and support our teammates - an individual's success is everybody's success. We are not only a swim team, we are a family - sometimes spending 7 days straight with each other between practice and meets. It's also the coaches' responsibilities to help maintain a healthy social environment for our swimmers and families, and most importantly, be welcoming to new families.