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PRE-WARM UP:  [When coaches most heavily rely on parental involvment]
Swimmers need to be at the pool at least 15 minutes before the scheduled warmup time. 

PLEASE allow your swimmer(s) adequate time to (1) CHECK-IN, (2) LOCATE TEAM and (3) BE OUTFITTED & READY in their assigned lanes before the official start time. It is not possible for coaches to run an efffective team warm up in multiple increments, based on swimmers arrival times. It is imperative that all swimmers line up and warm up as a team. Swimmers late to warm ups, without coach notification/permission*, risk not being allowed to participate in warm ups. 

  1. CHECK-IN.  Swimmers must find the check-in table and highlight their name on the roll-call list so that meet admin is notified who has shown up to swim. Check-in tables close before warm up sessions end. Missing check in indicates absence and results in not being seeded on heat sheet. Running late, without coach notification*, risks warm-up ban and race scratches.

    *At check-in, have your swimmers write each RACE and EVENT # and on their hand in ink. This helps swimmers remember what events they are swimming, as well as what starts and turns they need to run-through in warm ups. 
  2. LOCATE TEAM.  After check-in, swimmers enter pool area and often need time to locate the team on deck. Especially at larger meets, it may take several minutes. Look for the ORANGE. 

  3. BE OUTFITTED & READY. After swimmers have checked-in, marked themselves, and located the team on deck, they should stand ready (in team suit, cap and googles), amongst teammates, behind the blocks, awaiting the warm up instructions and start whistle

POST-WARM UP:  After warm-ups are over, swimmers go back to team area together and wait there until their events are called. This is a good time for swimmers to use the restroom, have a healthy snack and get settled in.

FOOD & DRINKS: Permitting facility rules, swimmers are usually allowed to bring snacks on deck. Coaches ask that parents refrain from buying or packing high-sugar options like donuts, candy, energy drinks, etc. These choices commonly promote unmanageable behavior on deck and also negatively impact an individual's overall meet performance. Fruit/dried fruit, vegtables, pasta, trail mix, granola bars, nuts, bagels, etc. are more acceptable race-day options.

HEAT SHEETS: A Heat Sheet is a race lineup. Hardcopies are usually sold in the lobby or concession area; listing all swimmers in each event in order of "seed time". A "seed time" is a previous officially recorderd best time (up to the date that the entry was submitted). If the swimmer is racing an event for the first time, they will be entered as a "no-time" or "NT". Heat Sheets become available to spectators just after the start of the meet.

RACES: It is important for swimmers to know their EVENTS, HEATS and LANES. (*Again, parents are asked to mark their children at check in/prior to warm ups). During the meet, coaches do their best to ensure swimmers are where they need to be and when, but due to managing multiple participants/races, it's very important that swimmers (especially the older/seasoned members) stay alert to announcements and help one another be alert and race-ready.

RESULTS: Most meets are computerized. Many parents use the MEET MOBILE APP. It provides your swimmer's events and posts up to the minute results, providing you with times (calcuating adds or drops) and place standings. Hard copies of race results are often printed and posted outside the pool for spectators to see individual/team results and high point rankings.

POLICIES: According to USA Swimming rules (because of insurance purposes), parents are not allowed on deck unless they are serving in an official capacity. Similarly, all questions concerning meet results, an officiating call, or the conduct of a meet, should be referred to a coach. Coaches will pursue the matter through the proper channels.

COACH CONTACT:  On-deck coaches check their Slack messages when possible to maintain bleacher-to-deck communication.  Please only DM during the meet with urgent matters or alerts that could affect individual/meet lineups, results or performance.