Temporary Pool Closure Due to Maintenance

Amber Furnish

We have some news that comes with upsides and downsides.  Starting on March 24th, the school will be installing new heaters for the pools.  This is a project that our aquatics director was only informed about within the past two weeks.  Once construction is complete, our pool temperatures will be more consistent for all of our swimmers.  Keeping the pools in a comfortable temperature range has been a constant struggle over the past 6+ months.  We are incredibly excited for this improvement to our facility. 

However, this will be a significant construction project during which our pools will have no heat.  Because of this, after many attempts at problem solving, we have decided that we will need to cancel our April session of swim lessons.  We had hoped to find another solution by this time, but have been unable to. 

At this time, construction is projected to be completed during the last week of April.  We are hoping to begin our May session of swim lessons on May 1 as scheduled.  Please continue to check back to the news page for updates.  For swim lesson related questions, please email Amber Furnish at [email protected]